Florida Trees For Sale (2022)

Florida is aptly nicknamed The Sunshine State, and for good reason. Bordered by the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, Alabama and Georgia, Florida sits in the southeastern most portion of the United States. As is fitting of this southern state, the Cabbage Palm resides as the state tree. Growing upwards of 60 feet in height, this fan palm is distinct with its 5 to 7 foot leaves that extend out, often surrounding its yellow-white flowers. Floridians are not bound to the Cabbage Palm, though; with frequent sunshine and rain, the Floridian tree planter has many options from which to choose.

Due to its low elevation, moderate temperatures, and severe tropical storms and thunderstorms, the smart Floridian grower will absolutely need to think about the following items; climate, soil condition and type, the average precipitation as well as irrigation needs, growing zones and weather damage.

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

#2. Royal Empress Trees – Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

#3. Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree – Ideal for bearing fruit, providing character, and moving between inside or outside.

#4. Arapaho Crape Myrtle – Ideal for spectacular colors, ornamental beauty, and easy maintenance.

As property in Florida continues to be developed, land owners are searching for trees that will provide privacy from prying neighborly eyes and loud, unwanted noise. There are many fast growing privacy trees in Florida, which will quickly grow after initial planting to offer your property and family long sought-after privacy.

The Thuja Green Giant, a staple of privacy trees throughout the United States, is a fast-growing pine that will quickly provide a barrier between you and your neighbors. Growing between 3-5 feet a year, the Thuja Green Giant will offer your yard classic French design with minimal hassle. Alternatively, the Emerald Green Cyprus and Juniper ‘Wichita Blue’ will also add color and privacy to your yard’s perimeter.

Florida has a reputation as The Sunshine State, but it often experiences storms, tropical or thunder, which travel in from its nearby water bodies. Surprisingly moderate temperatures affect the region since every location is close to the ocean, with temperatures in summer rarely reaching over 100°F. The record high is only 109°F. Winter brings cooler temperatures that occasionally fall below freezing into the 10s. Typically, winter temperatures remain in the mid-30s. Frost is frequent; snow, less so. Florida covers two climate zones, with the northern areas in the humid subtropical climate and southern areas in the tropical climate.

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Florida is unique due to its many swamps, and the most extensive ground-covering soil is called Myakka, meaning ‘Big Waters’. It is a wet, sandy soil surprisingly rich with organic matter and good for agriculture. Regardless of the property’s location in The Sunshine State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

In order to determine the type of soil in your yard, try this test to give you a basis for finding the best matched trees. For this test, you will need a healthy handful of soil from the layer beneath the topmost piece of soil. The soil should be a little damp, but not recently watered or wet. Simply squeeze the soil sample and one of the following events will occur:

1. You have CLAY if, after opening your hands, the soil maintains its shape, forming a ball. If you touch the sample, it does not fall apart.

2. You have LOAM if, after opening your hands, the soil maintains its shape, forming a ball. If you touch the sample, it falls apart.

3. You have SAND if, after opening your hands, the soil immediately collapses.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Rain is the most common form of precipitation to visit The Sunshine State, often leaving upwards of 50 inches annually. Ocean currents and winds affect the specific averages on varying coastal regions, with areas on the tip of Florida along the Florida Straits receiving the least amount of rain. Snowfall is rare, but it does occur when cold moisture from northern winds meets freezing temperatures. Severe storms from the Bahamas and Caribbean are common, causing significant downpours and damage.

Irrigation systems are enormously beneficial in a state such as Florida, where hot sunshine is tempered with strong rains. Using an irrigation system that will efficiently transfer water from heavily hit areas to the trees and shrubs that need it most is important. Additionally, by using an irrigation system you ensure your newly planted trees will be well-cared for. Once trees are planted, their roots must adjust to a variety of factors in the soil: acidity, water access, and minerals. By providing your young tree with controlled and consistent access to water, you are investing in the tree’s eventual success.

Despite Florida’s proximity to a variety of variable water and land resources, it only contains six unique growing zones. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. In the northern panhandle of Florida, bordering Alabama, planters must choose trees that can withstand temperatures as low as 10°F. In the southeastern corner of the state, between Miami and West Palm Beach, Floridians do not have to worry about temperatures lower than 35°F.

Florida has experienced some of the worst damage due to severe weather in the U.S. Hurricanes, tropical storms, thunderstorms, and even tornadoes frequently invade the area. The most expensive weather damage in U.S. history, standing at $25 billion, occurred in Florida in 1992, only recently overtaken by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. August to October is the most common time hurricanes hit the state, and 85% of the tropical storms that affect the nation pass through Florida first. When planting trees, be sure to choose those that have strong roots and shorter statures. Remember trees act as erosion barriers, clinging to the soil. If flooding is frequent in your area, a tree can help.If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Florida nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Florida we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.

AlachuaChestnut Hill Nursery15105 NW 94th Avenue386-462-2820AlachuaFuture Trees Inc14708 NW 258th Place386-462-1733AlachuaSeabrook Nursery9924 NW 171st Terrace386-462-7999Altamonte SpgsA Garden Fair603 Montgomery Road407-862-1010Altamonte SpgsWatson Tree Farm1394 E Altamonte Drive407-339-3654AlvaDan’s Nursery22023 Tuckahoe Road239-728-2122AlvaGlades Tropical Garden Inc4500 Gateway Road SW863-612-1067ApalachicolaApalach Bay Nursery617 US Highway 98850-653-9511ApopkaA & E Hill Plants Nursery1586 W Kelly Park Road407-889-8660ApopkaAgri-Starts Micros Inc6448 Plymouth Sorrento Road407-880-1455ApopkaAmbs Foliage Inc363 W Lester Road407-889-0991ApopkaAvery’s Tree Farm6303 Plymouth Sorrento Road407-886-7840ApopkaBannick Botanical2203 Haas Road407-886-3245ApopkaBill Brown’s Greenhouses2860 W Kelly Park Road407-886-7888ApopkaBlalock Foliage Inc2851 Yothers Road407-889-3697ApopkaBlooming-Field Bougainvillea1808 Plymouth Sorrento Road407-880-0909ApopkaBoon Soon Yi1586 W Kelly Park Road407-889-8929ApopkaBrewer’s Gardenias3732 Ondich Road407-814-1515ApopkaCentral Florida Ferns6123 Round Lake Road407-889-2690ApopkaCountry Color Nursery3801 Hogshead Road407-886-1000ApopkaDeroose Plants Inc4601 Rock Springs Road407-889-5228ApopkaDewar Nurseries Inc625 W Keene Road407-886-1188ApopkaDieff Place2866 Lent Road407-886-1818ApopkaDon’s Plants1467 Pine Street407-886-9600ApopkaDover Foliage3317 Ondich Road407-886-3707ApopkaExcelente Foliage4903 Rock Springs Road407-886-6643ApopkaFather & Son Nursery1568 Plymouth Sorrento Road407-889-2400ApopkaFlorico Foliage1390 Sheeler Road407-889-0707ApopkaFlorida Cactus Inc6121 Round Lake Road407-889-3482ApopkaFlorida Foliage Transport210 E Sandpiper Street407-880-8988ApopkaFox’s Nurseries Inc2905 Junior Avenue407-886-5222ApopkaGardner’s Tropical Plants Inc1216 Ustler Road407-886-3393ApopkaGene’s Greenhouse2350 W Kelly Park Road407-886-7700ApopkaGood Neighbors Foliage4100 W Kelly Park Road407-884-7115ApopkaGreen Acres Nursery1378 Bunnell Road407-295-4773ApopkaGreen Earth Gardens1350 Sheeler Road407-886-8088ApopkaH & D Foliage4046 Plymouth Sorrento Road407-886-0329ApopkaHanging Tree Nursery4533 W Kelly Park Road407-880-3394ApopkaHoward’s of Apopka Inc801 Johns Road407-889-7287ApopkaInnovative Growers Inc926 Plymouth Sorrento Road407-886-4242ApopkaIvy Lane Nursery Inc808 E 10th Street407-886-8390ApopkaJ B Nurseries Inc4456 Chandler Road407-886-7165ApopkaJ V Plant Works Inc800 Johns Road407-889-8664ApopkaJensen Nurseries Inc81 Roger Williams Road407-889-3500ApopkaK & M Foliage Plants2079 Vick Road407-886-1986ApopkaKelly Park Nursery661 W Kelly Park Road407-814-1695ApopkaKerry’s Bromeliad Nursery Inc550 E Keene Road407-886-6122ApopkaKlings Nursery2401 Duquesne Avenue407-889-2841ApopkaK-Nursery1807 Plymouth Sorrento Road407-886-5032ApopkaKorus Inc Corp1750 Plymouth Sorrento Road407-880-4908ApopkaKps Sales1655 E Semoran Blvd #24407-880-3118ApopkaLaukemann Greenhouses426 N Central Avenue407-886-0140ApopkaLee Road Nursery1416 S Lake Placeeasant Road407-886-1599ApopkaLee’s Trees & Landscaping1106 Piedmont Wekiwa Road407-880-3875ApopkaMerlyn Foliage3587 Clarcona Road407-880-7477ApopkaMilestone Agriculture Inc4707 Oak Hill Street407-889-7868ApopkaN & P Begonias2727 Junior Avenue407-886-0620ApopkaOrchid Specialist2063 Pernod CT407-889-3138ApopkaOrlando Ornamentals6200 Mount Plymouth Road407-889-5009ApopkaPenang Nursery833 S Highland Avenue407-886-0922ApopkaPlants ‘N’ Things Nursery2175 Old Dixie Hwy407-886-5308ApopkaPlymouth Gardens4327 Plymouth Sorrento Road407-886-9706ApopkaPonkan Pines Nursery3101 N Ponkan Pines Road407-880-1000ApopkaR P Welker Plants Inc721 E Keene Road407-886-4637ApopkaRobert Little Nursery421 W Welch Road407-889-3797ApopkaRobinsons Nursery2136 W Kelly Park Road407-886-1925ApopkaRoseville Farms3103 N Ponkan Pines Road407-884-7577ApopkaS & L Nursery3229 W Ponkan Road407-889-3743ApopkaSpoon’s Nursery247 N Christiana Avenue407-886-1748ApopkaStrickland Regis Greenhouses96 Earls Ln407-884-7193ApopkaSun Flower Nursery2553 W Kelly Park Road407-880-9222ApopkaTalton Greenhouses7 W Laurel Street407-886-1696ApopkaTop Nursery2402 Boch Road407-884-6342ApopkaTropic Decor3076 Southfork Drive407-889-8428ApopkaTropical Cuttings Inc5918 Plymouth Sorrento Road407-886-3339ApopkaTwyford Plant Laboratories Inc4051 Fudge Road407-886-0298ApopkaUS Plants Inc2000 W Kelly Park Road407-889-0337ApopkaWard’s Nursery6444 Mount Plymouth Road407-886-4501ApopkaWekiwa Gardens3661 Rock Springs Road407-886-3520ApopkaWekiwa Gardens Inc205 N Thompson Road407-886-3001ApopkaWekiwa Gardens Inc496 N Lake Placeeasant Road407-889-3000ApopkaWoodruff, Ray4190 Ondich Road407-880-6314ApopkaZelwood Nurseries3739 Round Lake Road407-814-1096ArcadiaVargas Citrus Nursery2403 NW Pine Wood Avenue863-494-6148ArcherA Country Garden Nursery14110 SW Archer Road352-495-9262ArcherWhite Dove Gardens15511 S Boundary Street352-495-3683ArcherWillis Nursery16714 SW 59th Avenue352-495-8733AstatulaJ & A Greenhouses15820 County Road 48352-742-3351Avon ParkAmerica’s Nursery329 W Main Street863-453-2800Babson ParkTrees Boulders Mulch More1105 Thornburg Road863-557-6897BakerV & R Flowers5227 Highway 4850-537-2110BartowHall’s Treehouse Nursery2210 Ef Griffin Road863-533-3307BartowP & G’s Citrus Nursery514 Rifle Range Road863-537-3599BartowPatty’s Nursery720 S Jackson Avenue863-533-3071BellSouthern Pride Tree Farm Inc6400 NW 42nd CT386-935-3636Belle GladeCarter Tree Farms1375 W Canal Street N561-996-7218BelleviewCitrus & Palm Gardens12426 SE US Highway 441352-347-1640Beverly HillsGreenery6726 N Lecanto Hwy352-489-5023Big Pine KeyCoconut Farm30587 Overseas Hwy305-872-3565Big Pine KeyOctopuses Garden in the Sea30000 Overseas Hwy305-872-1531Boca RatonB G Katz Nurseries15500 Lox Road561-218-2811Boca RatonBanana Patch Nursery750 Bailey Street561-997-7510Boca RatonBoca Raton Garden Center353 N Federal Hwy561-395-1141Boca RatonClassical Stone397 Sandalwood Ln561-289-1188Boca RatonClintmoore Road Nurseries9455 Clint Moore Road561-736-8299Boca RatonGardenique279 N Federal Hwy954-975-5920BokeeliaGrowing Grounds13036 Ficus Tree Ln239-283-1171BokeeliaLarimer’s Exotic Gardens12102 Stringfellow Road239-283-2990BonifayAll Ways Growin’ NurseryHighway 177A850-547-2938Bonita SpringsPro Tree Farms13350 Bonita Beach Road239-495-1794Bowling GreenHimrod & Himrod NurseryRR 1 Box 49A863-375-2246Boynton BeachAtlantic Materials8140 93rd Ln S561-733-5855Boynton BeachBeefy Tree Farms Inc9590 W Boynton Beach Blvd561-732-6501Boynton BeachCharles Green’s Nursery – Florida1240 S Federal Hwy561-364-2944Boynton BeachD & G Tree Farm10355 100th Street S561-738-5221Boynton BeachDomenico Nursery & Landscape11824 S Military Trl561-734-0293Boynton BeachGroundworks of Palm Beach8140 93rd Ln S561-738-4880Boynton BeachJohn Deere7925 W Boynton Beach Blvd561-731-1447Boynton BeachKerlu Tree Inc9590 W Boynton Beach Blvd561-732-7256Boynton BeachSan Marco Nursery10645 El Clair Ranch Road561-736-0525Boynton BeachSanders & Assoc Inc10780 70th Avenue S561-736-6922Boynton BeachSouth Florida Tropicals9528 87th Place S561-736-6250Boynton BeachSungold Trees8180 96th CT S561-733-1776Boynton BeachSunquest Trees8180 96th CT S561-499-0088Boynton BeachTree Warehouse12539 Acme Dairy Road561-732-0015Boynton BeachTriad Plant CO11062 S Military Trl561-637-4444Boynton BeachYardco Inc7729 Lawrence Road561-433-4148BradentonBob Vita Garden Center10100 Cortez Road W941-794-6380BradentonBud Jones Wholesale Nurseries9009 17th Avenue NW941-794-5444BradentonCash’s Nursery3911 45th Street E941-746-8480BradentonCypress Lake Nursery4711 44th Avenue E941-748-7905BradentonFlorida Quality Trees17020 Waterline Road941-745-2280BradentonFrank’s Nursery & Crafts4902 Cortez Road W941-794-8366BradentonH & H Nursery19720 E Street Road 64941-708-0907BradentonJones Nursery & Garden Center4204 20th Street W941-758-7135BradentonJungle Jim’s Garden Center6355 Manatee Avenue W941-752-0903BradentonOrban’s Nursery Inc9601 9th Avenue NW941-792-8717BradentonReason & Sons Landscaping Inc5855 45th Street E941-756-1882BradentonSecret Gardens & Waterfalls6355 Manatee Avenue W941-761-4636BradentonTaylor Made Nurseries4963 Lorraine Road941-750-8508BradentonTokonoma Nursery6611 14th Street W941-753-6611BradentonWatts Plant Farm1412 57th Street E941-746-0761BronsonWekiva Road Nursery5870 NE 77th Avenue352-486-2509BrooksvilleBrooksville Family Growers9344 Cooper Terrace352-796-6267BrooksvilleCentral Florida Tree Farm3011 Endsley Road352-799-7336BrooksvilleDoc Holiday Ranch3029 Batten Road352-799-3755BrooksvilleHuntsman Tree Supplier15205 Peach Orchard Road352-754-5295BrooksvilleTwin Cedars Nursery24010 Cortez Blvd352-799-6699BushnellElf Nursery5555 SE 22nd Drive352-568-7880CallahanDavis Nursery3762 Lawhon Road S904-879-2991CallahanGroundworks of Palm Beach2193 W Street Road 200904-548-0780CallahanJoyce’s Garden Shop541747 US Highway 1904-879-4401CallahanPowell’s Nursery54078 Sheffield Road904-879-1836Cape CoralCape Nursery1200 SW 20th Avenue239-283-0598Center HillB K Growers Inc7381 County Road 736352-429-0200ChieflandDeming Sales2351 NW 110th Street386-935-2070CitraTaylor Gardens Nursery Inc12871 NE 7th Avenue352-629-0980ClearwaterAmplex Inc13100 34th Street N727-572-4546ClearwaterBeckett Lake Nursery2251 Montclair Road727-796-7950ClearwaterPalm Harbor Palms2152 Range Road727-443-2938ClearwaterSears Garden Center27001 US Highway 19 N727-712-0905ClearwaterWilkes Nursery1536 S Highland Avenue727-442-6389ClermontApshawa Nurseries18021 E Apshawa Road352-394-4194ClermontCountry Garden11643 Hull Road352-394-4542ClermontFoliage Farms5410 Mitchell Bridges Road352-242-1212ClermontGreen Gem Nursery15849 County Road 565A352-394-2286ClermontGriner’s Nursery7706 Street Road 33352-394-6513ClermontH & M Farms2246 Farmingdale Road352-243-2179ClermontMajestic Tree Farm9300 Laws Road352-242-9054ClermontMillennium Perennials11228 Bronson Road352-394-4575ClermontNature’s Unlimited18142 Highway 27352-394-4915ClermontPaul Mahon’s Nursery7830 Pretty Lake Road352-242-0015ClermontThings That Grow7521 Street Road 33352-394-1249ClewistonJ D Thornton Nurseries IncRR 1 Box 220863-983-2155CocoaC & B Nursery7290 King Street321-632-6164CocoaIlse Tree Farm5200 Fishtail Palm Avenue321-632-8109CocoaIndian River Fernery & Nursery3430 N Cocoa Blvd321-637-0777Coconut CreekBroward Gardens Landscaping5369 W Hillsboro Blvd954-421-0108Coconut CreekLeserra’s Nursery & Lndscpng5330 W Hillsboro Blvd954-426-8021Coconut CreekSullivan’s Nursery5300 W Hillsboro Blvd954-421-3910Coral SpringsAll Tropicals Inc12122 W Sample Road954-341-7003Coral SpringsCoral Springs Nursery9300 Wiles Road954-255-7114CrawfordvilleAbal Farm & Nursery77 Drive Joe Abal Drive850-926-2659CrawfordvilleC & J Nursery77 Streetn Road850-421-9587CrawfordvilleJust Fruit30 Saint Frances Street850-926-5644CrawfordvillePurple Martin Nurseries1554 Crawfordville Hwy850-926-8335Crescent CityForest Groves Inc Fernery610 Old Highway 17386-698-1074Crescent CityJamies Fernery & Greens1012 W Grand Rondo386-698-4184Crescent CitySkinner’s Wholesale Nursery350 Clifton Road386-698-1459CrestviewCrestview Farm & Garden Supply1012 S Ferdon Blvd850-682-8447CrestviewCrestview Nurseries5908 Houston Ln850-682-3837CrestviewOkaloosa Grain & Flower Basket827 N Ferdon Blvd850-682-9333CrestviewWhispering Pines Nursery3502 Whisper Ln850-689-2711Crystal RiverJ & T’s Greenhouse5800 W Gulf To Lake Hwy352-795-1003Crystal RiverMulberry Nursery7759 N Citrus Avenue352-564-9119Crystal RiverNature By Design3689 N Turkey Oak Drive352-563-0200Dade CityBabylon Nursery18444 Townsend House Road352-588-2330Dade CityErgle Family Christmas Tree3325 Treiman Blvd352-583-3647Dade CityFloyd & Assoc10548 Singletary Road352-521-3571Dade CityLazy Lay Acres14920 Swift Road352-567-6808Dade CityPotted Forest Inc37650 Farr Road352-518-1109Dade CityStearns Peat CO36909 Blanton Road352-567-3418Dade CityTree Mart34006 Prospect Road352-588-2417Dade CityZelenka Plant Nursery11921 Frontage Road352-567-7544DaniaDania Farms Inc704 N Federal Hwy954-922-2322DaniaHill, Clinton F261 SW 13th Street954-922-5117DavenportNatives Inc2929 Jb Carter Road863-422-6664DavenportT & L Nursery4835 County Road 547 N863-424-2285DavieA Tasty Fruit Nursery Inc5401 SW 58th Avenue954-791-9177DavieBlack Olive Nursery5021 SW 51st Street954-444-1123DavieBuford Brown Nursery4400 SW 61st Avenue954-791-8322DavieFlamingo Road Nursery3100 S Flamingo Road954-476-7878DavieGarden of Delights14560 SW 14th Street954-370-9004DavieJ R’s Nursery & Equipment5251 SW 49th Street954-583-0011DavieMatthews Landscaping Inc4800 SW 64th Avenue954-581-9886DaviePlatt’s Live Oak Tree Farm14901 SW 27th Street954-472-1368DaviePrestige Growers Inc3300 Burris Road954-584-2157DavieRivera’s Nursery & Landscaping5120 SW 73rd Avenue954-581-8023DavieRoad’s End Nursery4903 SW 51st Street954-587-2087DavieSiga Inc-Landscaping1900 SW 127th Avenue954-577-9662DavieStus Nursery3550 S Flamingo Road954-916-0509DavieTropical Paradise5060 SW 76th Avenue954-791-2029DavieTropical Planet2800 S Flamingo Road954-452-6000DavieTropical Trees of Davie4700 S University Drive954-434-6015Daytona BeachBig Value Garden Center768 N Nova Road386-252-2534Daytona BeachNova Gardens1860 N Nova Road386-252-0260DE Leon SpringsS & W Nursery4540 Harmony Woods Trl386-985-5238DebaryPell’s Citrus & Nursery3003 Enterprise Road386-668-7355Deerfield BeachTree Integritys Inc149 NW 41st Way954-428-8998Defuniak SpringsSpikes’ Nursery214 Oaklawn Drive850-892-7549DelandA Place in the Sun By Peerless600 S Kepler Road386-740-1330DelandHighland Park Fernery2170 Grand Avenue386-734-3683DelandPerryman Tree Farm Inc3329 Marsh Road386-734-6605DelandSmith’s Fruit Trees245 Spring Street386-985-4474DelandWickkie’s Bonsai1738 5th Avenue386-734-9204Delray BeachCarter Road Tropical Nurseries14470 Smith Sundy Road561-499-0330Delray BeachDee’s Trees Inc13238 Barwick Road561-499-8921Delray BeachGeronimo Farms14051 Starkey Road561-498-5177Delray BeachGray’s Ornamentals15321 One Mile Road561-496-6442Delray BeachGreen Giant Garden Center4678 W Atlantic Avenue561-498-8633Delray BeachOtero’s Nursery9351 155th Ln S561-496-3841Delray BeachPalm Beach Wholesale Growers2070 Homewood Blvd561-330-7559Delray BeachSouthern Foliage14130 Smith Sundy Road561-495-2005Delray BeachStarkey Road Nursery Llc14051 Starkey Road561-498-1380DeltonaB Sue Skees Retailer980 Doyle Road386-860-2958DeltonaDavis Family Nursery & Lawn Care2470 Howland Blvd386-532-0005DeltonaGreen Rose Nursery3085 Howland Blvd386-789-0244DeltonaWater Mill Gardens1280 Enterprise Osteen Road386-574-2789DestinPotager’s Gardens & Verandas9755 Emerald Coast Pkwy W850-269-3211DoverJ & R Nursery13262 E US Highway 92813-754-0065DoverParkesdale Greenhouses3850 Sumner Road813-659-0104DoverWetherwood Nursery2005 Jaudon Road813-689-7679DuetteTappan Tree Farm30902 Taylor Grade Road941-776-1480DunedinTreehouse Garden Collection434 Virginia Ln727-734-7113DunnellonDoug’s Daylilies Nursery6549 W Candier CT352-795-4417DunnellonMc Kim’s Nursery7500 N Helsinki Pt352-563-2581East PalatkaCracker Swamp Nursery & Gifts220 Street Road 207386-325-6441EastpointIsland Home Treasures & Palms101 US Highway 98850-670-1488EdgewaterGrowing Up Nursery2021 S Ridgewood Avenue386-427-5631ElktonGreen Wave Nursery4775 County Road 305904-692-2016EnglewoodHoney Bee Nursery2383 Englewood Road941-474-6866EnglewoodLee’s Trees & Landscaping Inc1687 E Manasota Beach Road941-475-0679EsteroDriftwood Garden Center20071 S Tamiami Trl239-947-9676EustisAgri Starts III Inc19825 E Street Road 44352-589-8055EustisBlackwater Growers27404 Blackwater CT352-357-2333EustisCountryside Foliage Inc31503 Pinecrest Road352-483-1216EustisEl Clair Ranch Nursery Inc26936 County Road 44A352-483-1006EustisFlorida Southern Growers26927 E Street Road 44352-589-1119EustisGene’s Nursery26330 County Road 44A352-483-1871EustisLynn’s Quality Foliage39717 Forest Drive352-589-6602EustisMerlyn Foliage36242 County Road 439352-357-8855EustisMerrygro Farms Inc34135 Cardinal Ln352-589-0868EustisMiller’s Tree & Landscape25516 County Road 44A352-483-6124EustisSeminole Springs Herb Farm34935 Huff Road352-357-2643EustisStevens Nursery & Landscaping23130 County Road 44A352-483-0311EustisTreadwell Nursery25548 County Road 44A352-357-0888EustisTropical New Beginnings26305 County Road 44A352-483-1613Fernandina BeachBridgeview Nursery & Garden4227 E Street Road 200904-261-3410Fernandina BeachIsland Ventures4925 First Coast Hwy904-277-3877Fernandina BeachTaylor’s Nursery Island Center2183 Sadler Road904-491-5900Fort LauderdaleAllied Growers Inc800 W Cypress Creek Road #335954-493-9222Fort LauderdaleGore Nursery1611 SW 9th Avenue954-463-4673Fort LauderdaleHolland Garden Center1035 SE 17th Street954-522-3176Fort LauderdaleJoan Wells Trees10940 SW 48th Street954-434-1275Fort LauderdaleLiving Color Garden Center3691 Griffin Road954-985-8787Fort LauderdaleNatural Selections Exotics1401 SW 1st Avenue954-523-2428Fort LauderdaleRunway Growers Inc2911 SW 36th Street954-584-0269Fort LauderdaleTropical Gardner810 NE 4th Avenue954-524-0060Fort MyersAll Native Garden Center & Plant300 Center Road239-939-9663Fort MyersAmerican Enterprises6930 Buckingham Road239-694-3253Fort MyersBayshore Garden Center & Landscaping5870 Bayshore Road239-543-1443Fort MyersDream Daisies Inc8432 Coral Drive239-267-0803Fort MyersEcho’s Edible Landscape17430 Durrance Road239-567-1900Fort MyersMarcus Nursery4119 Desoto Avenue239-694-5586Fort MyersPeriwinkle Cottage16640 Mcgregor Blvd239-454-5200Fort MyersPottinger’s Nursery910 Sunset Vista Drive239-481-0626Fort MyersPottinger’s Nursery Inc14651 Alico Road239-872-0973Fort MyersRiverland Nursery & Landscape13005 Palm Beach Blvd239-693-5555Fort MyersRonald Mc Mullen Tree Service6701 Nalle Grade Road239-731-0364Fort MyersSands Sunset Vista Nursery Inc900 Sunset Vista Drive239-481-4342Fort MyersScrivner’s Landscape& Garden1211 Seaboard Street239-334-7006Fort MyersSuncoast Nursery8205 Gladiolus Drive239-590-6320Fort MyersSunman’s Nursery & Landscaping13311 Mcgregor Blvd239-433-5656Fort MyersT J’s Nursery12250 Orange River Blvd239-693-1151Fort MyersYellow Barn Nursery15650 S Tamiami Trl239-466-1889Fort MyersZentz Landscape & Nursery Inc17050 Slater Road239-543-4505Fort PierceDrawdy Tree Farm3140 S Brocksmith Road772-466-8491Fort PierceFort Pierce Trees Inc10300 W Midway Road772-466-0801Fort PierceLakewood Nursery & Garden Center8810 Emerson Avenue772-465-8450Fort PierceM & M Citrus Nursery5339 Emerson Avenue772-464-2033Fort PierceNorthside Nursery & Landscape3532 N US Highway 1772-465-2591Fort PiercePhoenix Enterprises2550 N US Highway 1772-460-9300Fort PierceRic’s Garden World3135 S US Highway 1772-465-2224Fort PierceT C’s Garden Center5101 Turnpike Feeder Road772-461-5015Fort PierceTropical Gardens1405 Barcelona Avenue772-460-6621Fort PierceWeatherbee Nursery201 E Weatherbee Road772-464-6880Fort Walton BchLandscapers Wholesale Outlet706 Edge Street850-863-2450Fort Walton BchNewbold’s Plant & Garden704 Mathis Ln850-438-9073Fort White3 Rivers Farms Nursery468 SW Evergreen CT386-497-3525Fort WhiteTree Largo Farm586 SW Shiloh Street386-454-2004FountainLongleaf Nursery22489 NW Longleaf Road850-722-9456FreeportSkinner Nursery-Freeport11279 US Highway 331 S850-835-1233FrostproofKersey Nurseries10700 Hwy 27863-635-2945Fruitland ParkScottsfour Nursery4010 Eagle Ridge Road352-787-0901Fruitland ParkTimber Top Nursery36005 Timbertop Ln352-787-9381Gainesville39th Ave Nursery11082 NW 39th Avenue352-332-7774GainesvilleAngel Gardens10100 NW US Highway 441386-462-7722GainsvilleFountainmagic Watergardens2948 NE 21st Way352-381-9966GainesvilleFuture Trees Inc10713 NW 59th Terrace386-462-2212GainesvilleGainesville Tree Farm15321 N Street Road 121386-418-0484GainesvilleGrandma’s Vineyard1910 NW 46th Street352-375-0344GainesvilleHarmony Gardens5416 NW 8th Avenue352-378-3808GainesvilleHatchett Creek Farms11713 NE Street Road 26352-373-7589GainesvillePrairie View Nursery4802 SW 85th Avenue352-335-3176GainesvilleSa Felasco Nursery Inc7315 NW 126th Street352-248-2311GainesvilleSheffield’s Nursery6421 SW Archer Road352-372-3461GenevaJohn Lindsay’s Trees110 Shawnee Trl407-342-2096GibsontonKeep It Green13124 US Highway 41 S813-741-3974Glen St MaryGlen St Mary Nursery7703 Glen Nursery Road904-259-6256GouldsMiami Tropical Bonsai14775 SW 232nd Street305-258-0865Green Cove SpgsPat’s Nursery Inc7060 US Highway 17 S904-284-2011Green Cove SpgsSkinner Nurseries980 Roland Avenue904-284-5556Green Cove SpgsTransplant Nursery1784 County Road 315904-284-0954GrovelandEdmundson Nurseries365 Sloans Ridge Road352-429-0590GrovelandGold King Nursery14621 Timber Village Road352-429-2635GrovelandHarvey Fender Citrus Nursery112 Street Road 50352-429-2362GrovelandNichols Nursery & Landscaping15746 Highway 19352-429-3480GrovelandPretty Green Tree Farm Inc13760 Street Road 33352-429-8730GrovelandS T Brown Citrus Nursery4300 Simon Brown Road352-429-2368GrovelandWoodlands Tree Farm8545 Libby Number 3 Road352-429-5846Gulf BreezeG T’s Nursery Inc5188 Heider850-932-5824Gulf BreezeGarden Gate3268 Fordham Pkwy850-932-9066Gulf BreezeMike’s Garden3774 Gulf Breeze Pkwy850-934-1043Gulf BreezePalm Paradise3219 Gulf Breeze Pkwy850-916-0722Haines CityGraceway Plant Nursery129 Lasalle Drive863-422-4544Haines CityHill Top Home & Garden3500 E Hinson Avenue863-421-6991Haines CityJoseph’s Tex Nursery1100 Warren Brothers Road863-422-2699Haines CityM 8 Nursery3610 Street Road 544 E863-422-8086Haines CityMike Green Nursery5000 Street Road 544 E863-422-4839HallandaleG & R Nursery3160 W Hallandale Beach Blvd954-967-8967HallandaleJohnnie Lee James Nursery219 Pembroke Road954-454-2817Hallandale BeachEden Organic Nursery Service718 SW 7th CT954-455-0229Hallandale BeachJohnnie Lee James Nursery915 NW 2nd Avenue954-454-2817HavanaPlanters Exchange Inc204 NW 2nd Street850-539-6343HawthorneBlue Star Nursery8115 SE US Highway 301352-481-3300HawthorneBreezy Oaks Plant NurseryHighway 20352-481-3795HialeahCruz Nursery Corp274 E 9th Street305-887-1588HialeahExclusive Nursery & Landscape1930 W 84th Street305-558-1244HialeahH & H Farms18401 W Okeechobee Road305-829-0222HialeahJust Green Inc16490 NW 117th Avenue305-826-1887HialeahLo-Tiz Nursery Inc771 W 27th Street305-888-3026HialeahRouco & Sons Inc1371 W 36th Street305-822-1362HialeahTres Palmas Nursery18270 NW 137th Avenue305-362-0081HialeahVegas Nursery Inc467 E 9th Street305-888-2893High SpringsMoss FarmsRR 2 Box 365386-454-4424High SpringsRiver Rise Nursery408 SW River Rise CT386-454-1737HilliardLibby’s Nursery47944 Turkey Town Ln904-845-3543HolidaySunray Nursery Inc2449 Grand Blvd727-938-6449HollywoodBertha’s Garden Center6401 Sheridan Street954-962-0020HollywoodH Bouie Nursery4405 Hallandale Beach Blvd954-981-8895HollywoodLillys Garden Center3715 SW 52nd Avenue954-981-4920HollywoodPop’s Nursery2807 N University Drive954-432-7302HollywoodRickels Tropical Nursery2048 Thomas Street954-927-8300Holmes BeachEverything Under the Sun5704 Marina Drive941-778-4441HomesteadA Superior Nursery27550 SW 222nd Avenue305-247-6188HomesteadAdorno Farm27440 SW 187th Avenue305-242-5828HomesteadAltria Lab-Plants18700 SW 272nd Street305-245-2369HomesteadAmazonia Orchids17899 SW 280th Street305-248-6557HomesteadArrowhead Enterprises10290 SW 248th Street305-258-0499HomesteadBotanics Wholesale31701 SW 194th Avenue305-245-2966HomesteadBrannan’s Nursery14460 SW 260th Street305-258-1717HomesteadBryan E Ingram & Sons Nursery27800 SW 157th Avenue305-247-2953HomesteadCampbell’s Foliage17425 SW 272nd Street305-246-0753HomesteadCaribbean Tree Farm31200 SW 197th Avenue305-247-4717HomesteadCasey’s Corner Nursery Inc31877 SW 197th Avenue305-248-7284HomesteadCastlerock Nursery31500 SW 187th Avenue305-245-9957HomesteadChary Nursery23315 SW 187th Avenue305-247-0256HomesteadClari Tree Farm Inc19850 SW 312th Street305-246-3957HomesteadClary Nursery19705 SW 296th Street305-247-5129HomesteadCli Colors28320 SW 214th Avenue305-242-6966HomesteadConsolidated Foliage Inc17375 SW 256th Street305-248-4554HomesteadDelfosse Nursery17275 SW 256th Street305-246-2950HomesteadEmerald Tree Farms26401 SW 107th Avenue305-257-2323HomesteadEnvironmental Surroundings24763 SW 177th Avenue305-246-5562HomesteadF & D Nursery24345 SW 187th Avenue305-247-5057HomesteadFamily Tree Nursery Inc24000 SW 167th Avenue305-247-2300HomesteadFiesta Fruits & Flowers28600 SW 157th Avenue305-245-9179HomesteadFlorida Colors Nursery23740 SW 147th Avenue305-258-1086HomesteadFlorida Nurserymen & Growers18710 SW 288th Street305-248-1117HomesteadFlorida Tree Farm’s Inc17201 SW 248th Street305-248-8669HomesteadFoliage Forest Inc17350 SW 248th Street305-247-5525HomesteadGateway Tree Nursery15200 SW 344th Street305-248-4702HomesteadGoing Bananas24401 SW 197th Avenue305-247-0397HomesteadGold Medal Growers16901 SW 256th Street305-248-1779HomesteadGreen Leaf Nursery Inc19355 SW 304th Street305-245-2262HomesteadHappy Days Nursery16700 SW 248th Street305-245-0801HomesteadHigh Hope Nursery16970 SW 264th Street305-230-1199HomesteadHomestead Plants Inc16230 SW 248th Street305-245-9080HomesteadHortex Inc26715 SW 203rd Avenue305-248-8211HomesteadIsmael Gonzalez Nursery34701 SW 217 Avenue305-247-0496HomesteadKerry’s Bromeliads Nursery Inc21820 SW 256th Street305-247-7096HomesteadLee’s Nursery25820 SW 214th Avenue305-247-4442HomesteadLiner Distributor Inc18875 SW 272nd Street305-247-5568HomesteadLittle Bee’s Nursery25401 SW 217th Avenue305-247-4169HomesteadLuis & Tania Nursery21425 SW 244th Street305-245-1964HomesteadMelrose Wholesale Nursery26100 SW 112th Avenue305-258-3411HomesteadMiss Jane’s Nursery Inc29250 SW 207th Avenue305-246-4748HomesteadMojica Nursery & Fruits23655 SW 177th Avenue305-245-7136HomesteadMoraga Bronelias Nursery1430 NE 10th Street305-248-3031HomesteadMore Ease Garden Center17740 SW 292nd Street305-247-3535HomesteadMorningside Gardens24751 SW 144th Avenue305-258-0639HomesteadNursery San Miguel19000 SW 256th Street305-248-0161HomesteadOriental Nursery Farm26100 SW 177th Avenue305-248-5220HomesteadP M Landscape & Growers Inc23700 SW 162nd Avenue305-389-7646HomesteadPlant Creations Inc28301 SW 172nd Avenue305-248-8147HomesteadPowerline Tree Farm23700 SW 134th Avenue305-258-1660HomesteadRichards Family Nursery Inc26750 SW 182nd Avenue305-245-3161HomesteadSierra’s Plantation Inc23601 SW 177th Avenue305-245-3080HomesteadSpecialist Growers Inc19815 SW 256th Street305-245-1444HomesteadTerry Johns Nursery27101 SW 177th Avenue305-245-4234HomesteadTfi Timbang Farms Inc18455 SW 288th Street305-248-1899HomesteadTropic Landscaping & Lawn17973 SW 248th Street305-247-7256HomesteadValerie’s Nursery21900 SW 248 Street305-245-2332HomesteadWay To Grow Nursery24500 SW 162nd Avenue305-248-7455HomosassaNick’s Nursery Inc6675 S Eastern Avenue352-628-3098Howey in HillsMc Cormack Nursery Inc22400 County Road 455352-394-6950Howey in HillsNew Life Farm23249 Street Road 19352-324-2835Howey in HillsRecord Buck Farms22900 N Buckhill Road352-324-3447Howey in HillsSilverwood Nurseries24827 Silverwood Ln352-324-2175HudsonMike Mathena’s Color Nursery13322 County Line Road727-863-5718HudsonSummerdale Nursery14226 County Line Road727-856-0449ImmokaleeJ & J Palms Inc1012 Raulerson Road239-657-2084IndialanticJones Nursery420 Pinetree Drive321-777-7060Indian Hrbr BchSun Harbor Nursery920 E Eau Gallie Blvd321-773-1375Indian Rocks BchBeach Tropicals305 1st Street727-596-9003IndiantownFrank Hill Nursery6851 SW Springhaven Avenue772-597-4235InvernessJordan’s Tropicaire Plants Inc1613 White Lake Drive352-726-1287IslamoradaSir Plantsalot81197 Overseas Hwy305-664-3433JacksonvilleAnita’s Garden Shop & Design3637 Saint Johns Avenue904-388-2060JacksonvilleBartram Trail Nursery1859 Street Road 13904-230-4200JacksonvilleCraven Nursery5255 Race Track Road904-262-8799JacksonvilleEarth Works Nursery12705 Beach Blvd904-996-0712JacksonvilleFlorida Nurserymen & Growers7748 Spaner Road904-292-1117JacksonvilleFoliage Farm Nurseries5611 Fort Caroline Road904-744-8686JacksonvilleGecko Gardens Inc8900 Philips Hwy904-886-2326JacksonvilleGore’s Nursery10357 New Kings Road904-765-9714JacksonvilleGrand Island Palm Trees13401 Beach Blvd904-821-0605JacksonvilleHal’s Nursery Landscape & Pest17180 Normandy Blvd904-289-4841JacksonvilleHolland’s Tree Nursery2120 Quarter Horse Cir E904-824-6446JacksonvilleJones & Hall Nurseries8204 Beach Blvd904-724-7233JacksonvilleNative & Uncommon Plants4157 Ortega Blvd904-388-9851JacksonvillePhilips Garden Store & Hardware4234 Herschel Street904-389-0933JacksonvillePlaza Tree Service4745 Bedford Road904-398-2135JacksonvillePulaski Road Nursery11971 Pulaski Road904-757-7273JacksonvilleS & J Nursery & Landscaping12250 Saint Augustine Road904-288-8733JacksonvilleSkinner Management CO2970 Hartley Road904-880-4344JacksonvilleSkinner Nurseries2970 Hartley Road904-880-4407JacksonvilleTreescapes By US Nursery3493 Jones Road904-693-1838JacksonvilleWilliams Plant Nursery12411 Philips Hwy904-292-0354Jacksonville BchSecond Hand Rose Nursery506 Beach Blvd904-249-6623Jacksonville BchSecond Hand Rose Nursery510 Shetter Avenue904-247-0390JasperD & K’s Nursery3833 NW US Highway 129386-792-3362JayWalther Nursery2400 Highway 182850-994-5419JenningsFlorida-Georgia Nursery2104 NW US Highway 41386-938-4313JenningsRoebuck’s Nursery4341 NW County Road 141386-938-3506JupiterGiverny Gardens550 Center Street561-575-0679JupiterLi Donni Nursery & Landscape17863 103rd Terrace N561-747-1747JupiterTrader Horn Landscape Nursery17107 Jupiter Farms Road561-746-6846JupiterTrees-R-US of South Florida401 Douglas Drive561-784-2603JupiterWest Jupiter Nursery11219 169th CT N561-746-1477Key WestBlooming Creations Inc3202 N Roosevelt Blvd305-295-7766Key WestSears Plant Shop3202 N Roosevelt Blvd305-292-4223Key WestSod Masters Tree Connection5675 5th Avenue305-294-6313KinardMac’s Nursery9525 SW Macs Nursery Road850-639-5176KissimmeeForest Hills Landscaping1364 Placeeasant Hill Road407-846-1440KissimmeeGrady’s Gardens3370 Morningside Drive407-344-3215LA BellePerkins Nursery2575 Case Road863-675-3006LA BelleRomo’s Palm Trees3010 S County Road 731 SW863-612-0978Lady LakeLady Lake Garden Center114 N Highway 27/441352-750-1855Lady LakeOlive Tree1156 Main Street352-751-1130Lake CityLazy-P NurseryRR 3 Box 161386-752-2324Lake CityMixon’s Rainbow NurseryBranford Hwy386-758-5520Lake CityStone SeriousDominos Way386-755-5600Lake MaryCrystal Lake Nursery240 W Lakeview Avenue407-322-2799Lake PlacidHenscratch Farms100 Selah Way863-699-2060Lake PlacidIbanez Lawn & Gardens482 Deen Blvd863-465-2618Lake PlacidJean F Rogers Containerized100 Sunset Pointe Blvd813-835-0050Lake PlacidLush Foliage Nursery316 Henscratch Road863-465-3539Lake PlacidOrdehi Nursery920 Henscratch Road863-465-7621Lake PlacidOutback Nurseries Inc160 Williams Road863-699-6900Lake PlacidThree Girls Nursery301 Lake Francis Road863-465-2435Lake PlacidTwo Sisters Nursery7 Selah Way863-465-0233Lake WalesHickory Hill Citrus Nursery2513 Lure CT863-439-4878Lake WalesKersey Nurseries15796 Highway 27863-638-1113Lake WorthAbell’s Nursery Inc7032 Hypoluxo Farms Road561-969-1138Lake WorthAbell’s Nursery Retail7032 Hypoluxo Farms Road561-649-0807Lake WorthArtistic Creations Nursery10435 52nd Place S561-963-8757Lake WorthBrogen’s Garden Center7565 S Military Trl561-966-8177Lake WorthCountry Joe’s Nursery Inc6150 Street Road 7561-868-0345Lake WorthGrowers Outlet USA Inc4251 S Military Trl561-433-4744Lake WorthHeritage Farms Inc6594 Park Ln W561-641-7647Lake WorthHollandia Plants Inc6044 86th Drive S561-966-9770Lake WorthItco Malayan Nursery1100 Boutwell Road561-585-0011Lake WorthLake Worth Tree Farm Inc10435 52nd Place S561-963-8705Lake WorthMeadow Beauty Nursery5782 Ranches Road561-966-6848Lake WorthPineview Nursery Inc4785 Collier Road561-967-5080Lake WorthPlant Solutions7333 Hypoluxo Farms Road561-642-9600Lake WorthRorabeck’s Plants Produce Inc6125 S Military Trl561-964-6780Lake WorthSara’s Gardens & Walpole4630 Lantana Road561-968-5896Lake WorthSea Byrd Nursery4903 Nash Trl561-642-0999LakelandB & M Nursery4725 Lewellyn Road863-858-3740LakelandCaladium Bulb CO1231 E Magnolia Street863-680-8080LakelandCee Jay Nursery4226 Lake Hancock Road863-644-8122LakelandChristina Beverage1061 Street Road 540A863-647-5091LakelandCleary’s Garden Creation4680 Cleveland Heights Blvd863-644-1900LakelandFountains & Falls1102 W Socrum Loop Road863-859-5954LakelandHarden Nursery420 Alderman Road863-698-6032LakelandK & K Nursery4005 Palow Road863-853-4382LakelandKae & Js Nursery6225 Mello Ln863-646-6867LakelandKorean Bonsai Nursery3301 Timberwood Road863-858-8734LakelandMizell Tree CO1608 Meadowbrook Avenue863-644-0142LakelandPeterson Nursery & Garden Center2184 E County Road 540A863-644-6491LakelandRockford Nurseries11889 Perkle Road863-859-0057LakelandSchandiz Nursery6978 S Florida Avenue863-709-8682LakelandSheltered Workshop Plant Nursery1038 Sunshine Drive E863-665-3846LakelandShirah’s Camellia Nursery8220 Walt Williams Road863-858-3789LakelandSunshine Growers Inc3516 Hamilton Road863-644-8490LakelandTropic Flora Works8494 Tomkow Road863-984-3011LamontCapps Nursery Inc9587 S Jefferson850-997-3736LamontHamrick’s NurseryRR 1 Box 135850-997-2865Land O LakesDuncheon’s Nursery2720 Land O Lakes Blvd813-948-1890Land O LakesSugar Tree Plant Farm10238 Ehren Cutoff813-948-8802Land O LakesW E Jones9404 Ehren Cutoff813-996-2177LargoAquatics & Exotics11896 Walsingham Road727-397-5532LargoCountry Club Nursery9850 Starkey Road727-397-4438LargoShaughnessy Nursery & Landscaping11251 131st Street N727-596-4672LargoShaughnessy Nursery & Landscaping11251 Ulmerton Road727-596-4672LargoWilcox Nursery12501 Indian Rocks Road727-595-2073Laurel HillClear Springs Nursery2167 Clear Springs Road850-834-4034Laurel HillGreenleaf Nursery6722 Florida Avenue850-682-1487LecantoAnson Nursery5296 W Homosassa Trl352-628-4554LecantoKey Training Center1125 N Van Nortwick Road352-527-0822LeesburgBlaise Gardens33609 Dolores CT352-742-3085LeesburgCatt’s Trees41435 Emily Road352-669-1618LeesburgOutback Nursery2627 Berdetta Street352-728-4824LeesburgPorter’s Nursery & Crafts2500 Citrus Blvd352-365-2330LeesburgSimon Seed Farm & Garden Center105 W Magnolia Street352-787-4415Lighthouse PointTreebrokers Inc3700 NE 25th Avenue954-788-3440LithiaHarris Citrus Nursery10721 County Road 39 S813-655-3370LithiaHolmberg Farms13430 Hobson Simmons Road813-689-3601Live OakBledsoe COWarren Road386-776-2273Live OakKelly Farms9253 129th Road386-330-2669Live OakLisk Tree Farm22941 144th Street386-776-1584Live OakNobles Greenhouse & Nursery9248 129th Road386-362-2333Live OakShade Tree Nursery1079 184th Street386-364-4621LongwoodSuperior Yard Decor1057 N US Highway 17/92407-695-8886LongwoodWatson’s Tree Farm1155 W Street Road 434407-339-8200LoridaLykes Citrus NurseryBasinger863-763-2433LoxahatcheeA1A Citrus Tree Nursery3254 B Road561-793-5510LoxahatcheeAAA Nursery14537 Orange Blvd561-795-0988LoxahatcheeAcreage Plant Nursery6576 Seminole Pratt Whitney Road561-333-9651LoxahatcheeCarribbean Plants & Landscape13527 Okeechobee Blvd561-383-8754LoxahatcheeCharles Green’s Nursery – Florida7501 Carol Street561-790-0253LoxahatcheeChris’ Greenside Nursery20364 Louise Street561-798-9856LoxahatcheeChuck Barreca’s Greenhouse1647 D Road561-793-5546LoxahatcheeD M Young Tree Service13528 6th CT N561-798-0412LoxahatcheeFarmers Daughter Garden Center13415 Southern Blvd561-790-4222LoxahatcheeFolsom Farms13053 Bryan Road561-798-6709LoxahatcheeGordon’s Nursery230 D Road561-793-1210LoxahatcheeGreenside Growers Inc16350 Velazquez Blvd561-792-8081LoxahatcheeJerry Hastings Nursery16031 Okeechobee Blvd561-718-8512LoxahatcheeLehto Lawn Maintenance Inc15665 Collecting Canal Road561-795-9553LoxahatcheeSurvivors Nursery Inc6218 188th Trl N561-967-8162LoxahatcheeWeston Nursery3604 C Road561-793-3675LutzLet’s Grow Nursery5906 Lakeside Drive813-264-5688LutzTree of Life Nursery3805 County Line Road E813-949-0448MacclennyBlair Nurseries7480 S Street Road 121904-259-6281MacclennyC & C Nursery12705 Crews Nursery Ln904-259-7585MacclennyDonnie’s Nursery Inc5464 George Hodges Road904-259-2630MacclennySouthern States Nurseries Inc5612 Southern Streets Nursery R904-259-2221MadisonMail Order NativesWilliams850-973-6830MalabarGardeners Hut3740 Jennifer Avenue321-725-4774MalabarMalabar Acres Nursery2460 Malabar Road321-768-2797MalabarPenjing Bonsai Garden1650 S US Highway 1321-725-2855MalabarSunscape Landscape Nursery Inc2665 Weber Road321-733-4812MaloneDeepsouth Pine Nursery5550 Boomerang Road850-569-2488MarathonReturn To Eden Gardens1472 74th Street Ocean305-743-5506MarathonTender Loving Care Gardens7435 Overseas Hwy305-743-6428MarathonV B Enterprises Inc1570 Bluefin Drive305-743-4787MargateNU-Turf Lawn & Garden Center1785 N Street Road 7954-972-9425MariannaOur Secret Garden4766 Marigold Ln850-482-6034Mary EstherOriental Imports1556 W Highway 98850-581-6333MayoKeen Forest ManagementRR 1 Box 449-2386-294-2234MelbourneMaple Street Natives2395 Maple Street321-729-6857MelbourneSouth Brevard Nursery2300 Minton Road321-723-6594Melbourne BeachMelbourne Beach Garden Center307 Ocean Avenue321-984-0068MelroseHerb Garden693 Street Road 26352-475-5475MelrosePlant Peoepe Nursery101 Ashley Lake Drive352-475-1473MelroseSunshine Plant Nursery8672 Street Road 21352-475-1654Merritt IslandTropical Islands Nursery560 S Placeumosa Street321-455-6424MiamiA G Farms23040 SW 187th Avenue305-247-9718MiamiAcosta Groves19201 SW 176th Street305-256-9399MiamiAlicia’s Nursery9990 SW 56th Street305-598-1081MiamiAlmendro Nursery16585 SW 177th Avenue786-573-1344MiamiAlton Road Nurseries1239 Alton Road305-532-7939MiamiAmaro Nursery12691 SW 104th Street305-275-0100MiamiBenjamina Nursery15901 SW 177th Avenue305-251-5844MiamiBertha’s Garden Center Inc5075 NW 79th Avenue305-471-4711MiamiBertha’s Inc9401 SW 40th Street305-225-8428MiamiBertha’s Plants6850 SW 97th Avenue305-274-5897MiamiB’s Garden22290 SW 162nd Avenue305-248-5228MiamiC & N Nursery13695 SW 186th Street305-238-0817MiamiCanterbury Farm & Nursery22351 SW 147th Avenue305-257-3001MiamiChc Garden Center7991 SW 117th Avenue305-595-1338MiamiCimago Nursery12475 SW 56th Street305-551-2003MiamiClinica DE Las Plantas7004 Bird Road305-740-4450MiamiCordero Landscape Nursery5920 SW 125th Avenue305-279-2151MiamiCuba Libre Nursery12155 SW 46th Street305-226-0867MiamiDel Sol Nursery Inc18601 SW 177th Avenue305-256-0282MiamiDel Verde Foliage19460 SW 187th Avenue305-235-3993MiamiDenis Alan Landscaping701 NE 79th Street305-759-9626MiamiDiaz Nursery & Tree Service5291 SW 127th Avenue305-551-1416MiamiDixon Nursery1555 NW 183rd Street305-620-9176MiamiD’Martinez Nursery12350 SW 177th Avenue305-252-9555MiamiEl Chinos Nursery16751 SW 177th Avenue305-238-1743MiamiEl Salvador Farms17800 SW 168th Street305-238-6753MiamiElva Nursery20500 SW 177th Avenue305-251-4235MiamiErnesto’s Good Earth Inc6901 SW 97th Avenue305-279-4665MiamiExotic Botanicals14450 SW 216th Street305-257-3706MiamiFicus Plus Inc20431 SW 187th Avenue305-971-9848MiamiFlorida Garden Center Inc12000 SW 56th Street305-271-6743MiamiFlorida Greenary Inc16830 SW 232nd Street305-247-6627MiamiFlorida Indoor Gardens Inc16925 SW 232nd Street305-246-8046MiamiFlorida Landscape Nursery12595 SW 56th Street305-228-9099MiamiFlorida Ornamental Plants13675 SW 216th Street305-251-9909MiamiFlorida Plant Depot12000 SW 177th Avenue305-233-2151MiamiFlorida Tropical Gardens1700 NW 119th Street305-685-8268MiamiFlorida Tropical Plants11300 SW 125th Street305-251-5674MiamiFraga’s Nursery12300 SW 46th Street305-559-9555MiamiFruteria El Tigre600 SW 17th Avenue305-643-4777MiamiG & M Farms22405 SW 212th Avenue305-246-1233MiamiGateway Farms Inc20800 SW 177th Avenue305-235-1441MiamiGolden Seed Nursery13611 SW 131st Street305-971-7525MiamiGrapeyard Nursery Inc16701 SW 200th Street305-252-8524MiamiGreen Touch Inc9950 SW 56th Street305-598-2556MiamiGreen-Land Tropical Nursery18795 SW 216th Street305-234-2741MiamiHernandez Nursery19481 SW 200th Street305-251-1439MiamiJ A’s Nursery16831 SW 216th Street305-254-8274MiamiJ J Pestonit & Assoc3600 SW 102nd Avenue305-559-1661MiamiJanie’s Garden Place4590 SW 122nd Avenue305-226-9322MiamiJuan E Torres Nursery18205 SW 157th Avenue305-235-6607MiamiK & K Diaz Nursery Inc17500 SW 187th Avenue305-278-6475MiamiKarina Nursery17360 SW 184th Street305-234-7433MiamiKarina Nursery21215 SW 177th Avenue305-971-3606MiamiLord Cheery’s Fern Farm Nursery22801 SW 153rd CT305-247-8282MiamiLos Amigos Nursery18753 SW 192nd Street305-233-8382MiamiMarrero & Son22375 SW 134th Avenue305-257-2210MiamiMiami Palm Tree Nursery16300 SW 157th Avenue305-234-0099MiamiMiami Tropical Nursery4599 SW 127th Avenue305-559-3990MiamiMiracle Nursery Farms Inc16870 SW 232nd Street305-248-9900MiamiMiro’s Nursery & Landscaping5800 SW 102nd Avenue305-279-6808MiamiMix’d Greens Wholesale Nursery21311 SW 147th Avenue305-256-1685MiamiNatureland Garden Center9550 SW 67th Avenue305-665-3673MiamiOscar Foliage Rentals7424 SW 42nd Street305-668-4111MiamiPalm Hammock Orchid Estate Inc9995 SW 66th Street305-274-9813MiamiParker Sod Landscape Center7600 SW 87th Avenue305-596-5610MiamiParuolo’s Torpical Tree Farm13302 SW 192nd Street786-242-6773MiamiPemco Nursery16501 SW 177th Avenue305-255-2644MiamiPlant Brothers Corp20250 SW 216th Street305-247-1672MiamiPlants of Wonder19155 SW 216th Street305-254-0889MiamiPlants World Nursery13681 SW 56th Street305-207-8118MiamiPlasencia Nursery Inc11801 SW 72nd Street305-271-9885MiamiQuail Roost Nursery Inc15100 SW 200th Street305-238-5202MiamiR & R Garden Center12200 SW 47th Street305-551-1729MiamiR & R Sod5700 SW 123rd Avenue305-275-7100MiamiRays Nursery of Miami18905 SW 177th Avenue305-255-3589MiamiReggie’s Nursery on Wheels17900 NW Sunshine Street Pkwy W305-620-0554MiamiRene Landscaping5840 SW 127th Avenue305-598-3731MiamiRichard W Lyons Flowering Tree20200 SW 134th Avenue305-251-6293MiamiRodriguez Plants14300 SW 8th Street305-207-0055MiamiRoly’s Nursery5950 SW 120th Avenue305-279-9066MiamiRose Garden Nursery6401 SW 118th Avenue305-274-6556MiamiRoyal Garden Supplies Inc20404 SW 85th Avenue305-255-7008MiamiSanta Barbara Nursery20425 SW 177th Avenue305-256-7577MiamiSanta Maria Nursery19600 SW 194th Avenue305-969-0856MiamiSherwood Forest Nursery Inc6020 SW 97th Avenue305-279-7638MiamiSignature Tree & Palms12265 S Dixie Hwy305-233-3139MiamiSouthland Nurseries Inc17495 SW 208th Street305-251-3792MiamiSunny Bank Nursery18555 SW 200th Street305-251-4150MiamiSunshine Farm Nursery6200 SW 102nd Avenue305-273-9156MiamiSupreme Foliage Inc13451 SW 92nd Street305-251-1825MiamiSylvan Nursery Farm Inc21101 SW 134th Avenue305-232-2133MiamiTropic Leaf Foliage Farms Inc13280 SW 232nd Street305-257-3603MiamiTropical Bloomers14875 SW 212th Street305-254-9480MiamiTropical Palms Nursery Inc16405 SW 177th Avenue305-255-4966MiamiTu Y Yo2223 SW 17th Avenue305-856-4787MiamiUrra Nursery20850 SW 216th Street305-242-9565MiamiUSA Sod & Landscaping11893 SW 56th Street305-485-8422MiamiValerie’s Nursery17397 SW 143rd CT305-254-2060MiamiVegtores Nursery & Landscaping10710 SW 28th Street305-226-9359MiamiWest Kendall Nursery10100 SW 177th Avenue305-387-2181MiamiZoe’s Tropical Inc21400 SW 228th Street305-242-9059MiamiZone Ten Nursery18900 SW 186th Street305-255-9825Miami BeachFour Trees Corp1190 71st Street305-865-8380MicanopyDaylilies of Shiloh22071 N Highway 329352-466-4688MicanopyMicanopy Tree FarmsCounty Line Road352-466-3666MicanopyShiloh Oaks Tree Nursery10100 NW Cr 320352-339-4756MiddleburgBonnie’s Nursery2779 Blanding Blvd904-282-3552MiddleburgCosmos Nursery & Tree Center4923 Peppergrass Street904-282-6649MiddleburgParadise Nursery2840 County Road 220904-276-0636MiltonCasey’s Nursery & Landscaping3851 Avalon Blvd850-623-8109MiltonChavers Enterprises6596 Caroline Street850-623-2393MiltonCoastal & Native Plant5951 Oglesby Road850-623-6287MiltonErby Myers Plant Nursery4253 Sablan Ln850-623-1945MiltonGreen-Up Santa Rosa304 Park Avenue NE850-623-1930MiltonTwo Oak Nursery4829 Glover Ln850-623-4659MiltonWendt Farm & Nursery5195 Chumuckla Hwy850-995-0008MimsPorter’s Nursery2449 Folsom Road321-267-8327MolinoMolino Aquatic Plants Nursery3809 Crabtree Church Road850-587-2776MonticelloApalachee Native Nursery156 Lloyd Creek Road850-997-8976MonticelloBentley Nursery2467 W Washington850-997-2555MonticelloRichbourg Nursery Inc99 Richbourg850-997-3764MontverdeGreen Mountain Garden Center Inc15939 Vista Verde Drive407-469-3949MorristonCentral FL Growers21550 SE 62nd Street352-529-0101MorristonMarshall Tree Farm17350 SE 65th Street352-528-3880MT DoraGreen Valley Nursery1231 E 8th Avenue407-886-5936MT DoraLes Williams & Assoc3725 N Highway 19A352-383-1664MT DoraRabbit Hill Gardens3505 N Highway 19A352-735-5851MT DoraShrubs & Grasses7890 Dudley Avenue352-385-0452MT DoraSpecial K Foliage Inc3980 Britt Road352-735-3208MT DoraStewart’s Greenhouse2801 Britt Road352-383-8280MT DoraYard Stop4200 S Highway 19A352-357-9964NaplesBernsen Nurseries2766 Eatonwood Ln239-403-1669NaplesDriftwood Garden Center5051 Tamiami Trl N239-261-0328NaplesFlorida Landscape Source6240 Collier Blvd239-775-2323NaplesFogg’s Nursery & Mulch Supply10270 Immokalee Road239-352-8181NaplesGolden Gate Nursery & Sod14765 Collier Blvd239-455-7233NaplesHarvey’s Tree Farm4627 Bayshore Drive239-774-5256NaplesNaples Fertilizer & Garden Center3930 14th Street N239-263-8858NaplesPalm Grove Nursery2610 Smith Road239-455-5755NaplesRaymond Harvey’s Tree Farm4670 66th Avenue SE239-248-1860NaplesSlat House Nursery3541 19th Avenue SW239-455-1300NaplesSzabo Nursery Garden Center15450 US 41 N239-597-2322NaplesTayrona of Naples Corp2321 Kearney Avenue239-352-0853NaplesTopiary Creations1730 Keane Avenue239-455-6568NavarrePorter’s Plants3042 Highway 87850-939-4800New Port RicheyKrull’s Ridge Road Nursery9215 Ridge Road727-842-4386New Smyrna BeachBountiful Earth Inc1200 Canal Street386-427-3330New Smyrna BeachGarden Arts405 Flagler Avenue #B386-427-8221New Smyrna BeachGarden Gate Landscape & Irrigation2429 Pioneer Trl386-252-8733New Smyrna BeachLindley’s Nursery & Garden Center2359 Street Road 44386-428-7298New Smyrna BeachMesser’s Nursery4550 Colony Road386-428-9230New Smyrna BeachSun Splash of New Smyrna Beach617 Ingham Road386-427-9816New Smyrna BeachT’s Trees Inc2790 Street Road 44386-427-2302NewberryAll Season Nursery Inc15207 W Newberry Road352-332-2246NewberryBlooming House Nursery15220 W Newberry Road352-472-3111NicevilleNiceville Garden Center Inc1502 John Sims Pkwy E850-678-4105NicevilleSeminole Growers Nursery1692 Bretton Cv850-897-4077NicevilleTropipines1405 Palm Blvd S850-678-1715North MiamiCornell Landscape Nursery720 NE 140th Street305-947-4454North MiamiLester’s Root Nursery12000 W Dixie Hwy305-893-9948North PortSandy Shore Nursery2579 N Toledo Blade Blvd941-429-8966Oak HillF & F Tree Farm3754 Maytown Road386-345-4411Oak HillHalls Nursery400 Bills Hill Road386-345-4367OaklandKenne’s Clermont Nursery15835 W Colonial Drive407-877-1906OcalaB & B Nursery & Garden Shop529 NE 36th Avenue352-694-4939OcalaBob Wines Nursery2610 SE 38th Street352-629-5766OcalaBriar Patch2025 NE 70th Street352-690-6887OcalaChase Landscaping & Nursery10675 SW 100th Avenue352-237-4234OcalaFoliage Design Systems4300 SE 44th Avenuenue Road352-624-2900OcalaGreat American Bonsia CO1841 SW 7th Avenue352-867-5886OcalaGreg Brown-Landscaping & Nursery4860 SE Maricamp Road352-624-0052OcalaInstant Shade Trees7795 SW 72nd CT352-237-6332OcalaMary Lynn Geisler Nursery8300 NW 125th Avenue352-622-4037OcalaMichael T Miller Nursery Service3128 SE 89th Place352-237-9758OcalaPlants N’ Things-Bromeliads746 NE 35th Street352-629-1913OcalaPorter’s Nurseries2175 SE 58th Avenue352-624-0101OcalaPorter’s Nurseries8505 SW Highway 200352-854-6611OcklawahaD & L Nursery6550 SE 153rd CT352-625-2681OcklawahaJeffrey J Thomas Nursery Service9650 SE Highway 464352-288-2130OdessaArborgate Farms Inc10937 Tarpon Springs Road813-920-8325OdessaKeystone Gardens Inc12011 Gunn Hwy813-926-8811OdessaLaurel’s Oaks Plants & Tree15010 Race Track Road813-920-6993OdessaNiblett’s Nursery1143 Bluefield Road813-920-2407OkeechobeeFoliage By Flores Nursery403 Street Road 78 W863-763-5245OkeechobeeJ & S TreesRR 6 Box 704863-763-0366OkeechobeeOkeenchobee Oaks12575 Street Road 70 E863-763-2838OkeechobeePure Joy Nursery919 NW Park Street863-824-0569OkeechobeeSchultz Landscape Service11740 NE 128th Avenue863-467-5575Old TownLand Palm ServiceHC 5 Box 1036352-542-7142OldsmarDondro Gardens180 Race Track Road N813-818-8090OldsmarOldsmar Nursery180 Race Track Road S813-855-3122OnaWillow Woods Farms3740 NW Kinsey County Line Road863-993-2579Opa LockaBrookstone’s Wonderland Nursery17401 NW 19th Avenue305-625-0921Opa LockaLA Ceiba Nursery13515 NW 42nd Avenue305-688-5565Opa LockaOur Sod Plants & Nursery17191 NW 18th Avenue305-620-8195Orange ParkHall’s Nurseries & Hardware899 Blanding Blvd904-272-1230Orange ParkNE FL Native Landscaping1524 Smith Street904-264-6699Orange ParkPlants 4 Less Inc830 Kingsley Avenue904-278-8244OrlandoAylor’s Nursery1626 Waterwitch Drive407-438-9300OrlandoBlodgett Gardens & Nursery Inc3821 Edgewater Drive407-295-2363OrlandoColeman’s Nurseries2 W Holden Avenue407-850-9554OrlandoCrossley’s Nursery & Garden6425 Randolph Avenue407-855-0145OrlandoExotic Gardens & Gifts1214 N Mills Avenue407-897-6553OrlandoFlorida Tree Express Inc6490 Narcoossee Road407-380-7788OrlandoGreen Garden Nurseries Inc3443 Edgewater Drive407-841-3088OrlandoHarris Lawn & Garden Center1480 E Michigan Street407-897-5111OrlandoHarry’s Plant Outlet4940 N Hiawassee Road407-296-2332OrlandoIvey’s Nursery6980 Luck Ln407-293-1697OrlandoLake Underhill Nursery5530 Lake Underhill Road407-273-5872OrlandoMagic Tree Service Inc3016 Pace Street407-522-7070OrlandoOld Time Pottery937 Sand Lake Road407-438-5103OrlandoPalm Gardens Nursery4761 Judge Road407-851-6630OrlandoSieffert’s Nursery625 S Econlockhatchee Trl407-277-0244OrlandoSteele’s Nursery6203 Edgewater Drive407-295-8950OrlandoTom Ritter Orchids3939 Forrestal Avenue407-855-8809OrlandoUrban Oasis1622 N Mills Avenue407-893-9800Ormond BeachA Treasure Chest Nursery1645 Airport Road386-248-1111Ormond BeachArboretum3065 W Street Road 40386-673-7800Ormond BeachBon Terre Group33 Runway Drive386-673-3050Ormond BeachGray’s Garden Center Inc147 Tomoka Avenue386-677-0512Ormond BeachLandscape Concepts Nursery Center1105 N US Highway 1386-673-6238OsteenMiami Corp Tree Farm1625 Maytown Road407-322-5693OviedoGateway Gardens922 Oklahoma Street407-365-3655OviedoLee Ligustrum Tree2115 Howard Avenue407-359-2202OviedoLukas Nursery & Garden Shop1909 Slavia Road407-365-6163OxfordHolly Trees13992 N US Highway 301352-748-4699PahokeeEverglades Foliage Inc2088 Bacom Point Road561-924-2044Palm BayPalm Island Nursery & Landscaping6852 Babcock Street SE321-724-2427Palm CityDragon Tree Bonsai3663 SW Honey Terrace772-463-6633Palm CityEarthwise Mulch5750 SW Martin Hwy772-221-9507Palm CityGarden Gallery1060 SW Martin Downs Blvd772-287-8966Palm CityHeizler’s Nursery2864 SW Boatramp Avenue772-286-6762Palm CityShadowood Farm Inc6220 SW Martin Hwy772-283-4375Palm CityWooster Tree Farm6354 SW Busch Street772-283-1728Palm HarborBamboo Gardens1200 Virginia Avenue727-784-0517Palm HarborGarden Room816 Alt 19727-786-4859PalmettoEllenton Growers3605 61st Street E941-722-9308PalmettoLinda’s Nursery4019 89th Street E941-722-0478PalmettoReeder’s Nursery30815 Taylor Grade Road941-776-9131PalmettoSmith Rose Nursery Inc3412 16th Avenue E941-729-0956PalmettoWholesale Landscape Supply1010 10th Street E941-729-5655Panama CityBay County Farm & Garden Supply3118 E Highway 98850-785-8191Panama CityCollins Corner Plants5115 Pinetree Road850-763-8718Panama CityGrandma’s Favorite2813 E 11th Street850-872-6107Panama CityJim’s Plant Farm4938 Lake Drive850-871-5165Panama CitySpringfield Nursery1139 Transmitter Road850-763-2693Panama City BchGrantham Horticultural Service205 1st Street #A850-233-7407Panama City BchYounique Pots & Plants511 N Highway 79850-236-3997Panama City BchZen Gardens707 Beckrich Road850-234-1651ParrishGamble Creek Growers Inc4250 Gamble Creek Road941-776-2791ParishHJA Nursery, Inc.14785 US Hwy. 301 N.941-776 7698ParrishLive Oak Nursery Inc14451 Gettis Lee Road941-776-2185ParrishMaurice Fenton Wholesale Nursery6115 121st Avenue E941-776-3068Pembroke PinesIsland Flowers Garden Center14000 Pines Blvd954-431-3148PensacolaBonsai-Mart.com721 N T Street850-432-8238PensacolaFloral Tree Gardens Nursery738 E Burgess Road850-477-1387PensacolaOlive Road Nursery1615 E Olive Road850-477-9862PensacolaPensacola Seed & Garden4915 Mobile Hwy850-456-8904PensacolaStultz Nursery120 Cummings Road850-476-4507PensacolaWarrington Nursery3180 Bent Oak Road850-453-9413PerryAzalea Acres Nursery3435 Green Farm Road850-838-3434PerryBlooms of Greenbriar Inc400 W Ash Street850-584-2088PerryOak Ridge Nursery13290 Streetrickland Bridge Road850-584-3222PerryRooted & Grounded Nursery1721 Johnson Stripling Road850-584-4571PiersonRobinson Tree Farms600 Bennett Road386-749-4040Pinellas ParkButler’s Nursery Inc7011 75th Street727-544-0445Pinellas ParkPierce Tree Movers5870 113th Terrace727-547-4444Pinellas ParkSouthern Landscaping Service6240 102nd Avenue727-544-8046Plant CityA Plus Growers Inc4919 W Knights Griffin Road813-759-8777Plant CityAoki Cycad Nursery4808 Nesmith Road813-752-1144Plant CityBig Tree Nursery4722 Gallagher Road813-986-6271Plant CityCaple’s Nursery2902 Wallace Branch Road813-754-3279Plant CityEmerald Hill Nursery Inc1907 Hawk Griffin Road813-754-4751Plant CityFarkas Land Clearing5704 W Farkas Road813-737-1807Plant CityForte Nursery4001 Smith Ryals Road813-737-1909Plant CityFree’s Nursery3008 S Bonita Drive813-752-2887Plant CityGriffin Wholesale Nursery2325 Wallace Branch Road813-659-1600Plant CityHarrell’s Nursery3308 English Road813-752-0931Plant CityKnight’s Nursery2710 Airport Road813-752-7676Plant CityMac Donald Training Center2902 Cork Road813-752-6508Plant CityMac Donald Training CenterAlex B Hull House813-757-6731Plant CityPalms of Plant City140 S Wiggins Road813-752-7506Plant CityReynolds Nursery Inc2701 Keene Campbell Road813-754-2178Plant CityShady Lane Nursery3315 Mud Lake Road813-754-6443Plant CityStrickland Blueberries Inc4956 Slaten Road813-754-3866Plant CitySunscape Tree Farm4205 Bruton Road813-752-4519Plant CityT & G Nursery Inc6702 Thonotosassa Road813-986-1862Plant CityTampa Hills Nursery Inc1702 Williams Road813-754-4757Plant CityWilson’s Wholesale Nursery Inc4703 N Wilder Road813-754-3208PlantationGrajada Farms Inc7027 W Broward Blvd954-472-3590PlantationJohn’s Plant Shop5050 Peters Road954-587-4477PlantationNU-Turf Sod & Garden Shop6203 W Sunrise Blvd954-584-1270PlantationPlantation Acres Nursery1110 NW 116th Avenue954-473-8492Pomona ParkBay Leaf Plant CO1763 S Highway 17386-649-1800Pompano BeachAtlantic Gardens Nursery950 E Mcnab Road954-943-1223Pompano BeachBella Lena Plant Nursery1285 S Dixie Hwy W954-781-1555Pompano BeachCrystal Nursery Inc20 SW 27th Avenue954-973-1412Pompano BeachGarden Gate Inc2251 N Federal Hwy954-783-1189Pompano BeachGardenique Inc2900 W Sample Road #B0022954-975-5920Pompano BeachNU-Turf Garden Shop2801 N Dixie Hwy561-392-9089Pompano BeachQ Mitchell Nursery & Landscaping110 NW 31st Avenue954-977-5022Pompano BeachTerra Cota Garden2900 W Sample Road954-344-9654Port Saint LuciePeacock Tree Farms6099 Shinn Road772-461-6810Port CharlotteTree Store481 Tamiami Trl941-743-3000Port OrangeBeck’s Wholesale Nursery2190 Avocado Drive386-255-2126Port OrangeQuality Garden Center/Port Orange888 Taylor Road386-767-5413PrincetonTreeworks Inc14700 SW 248th Street305-257-3296Punta GordaOld Town Emporium112 Sullivan Street941-639-5063Punta GordaOutback Tree Farm & Nursery7900 Cleveland Drive941-575-6826Punta GordaPowell Nursery & Landscaping6366 Elliott Street941-639-2446QuincyFernlea Nurseries Inc294 Buck Blount Road850-442-6188QuincyJohnson-Higdon Nursery130 N Virginia Street850-875-4656QuincyJuniper Creek Nursery2396 Juniper Creek Road850-442-4993RiverviewDiscount Palms10313 US Highway 301 S813-677-1911RiverviewRichard Bailey Pro Forester10313 US Highway 301 S813-677-1911RiverviewWarner’s Landscape Nursery10706 Bloomingdale Avenue813-689-5081RockledgeCasa Del Rey966 Florida Avenue S321-632-1300RuskinElsberry Greenhouse101 Big Bend Road813-677-9001RuskinHamlin Azalea Specialists420 7th Avenue NE813-645-2525RuskinHubbell’s Nursery2610 College Avenue E813-645-4140SanfordBlossom World Bromeliads1405 Pine Way407-321-0838SanfordCountry Club Nursery & Garden405 Vihlen Road407-323-2862SanfordDaylily World254 N White Cedar Road407-322-4034SanfordEmerald Green Nursery4289 S Orlando Drive407-328-0560SanfordJohn Deer680 Hickman Cir407-322-3333SanfordKeller Outdoor Inc451 Monroe Road407-330-2750Santa Rosa BeachGourd Garden & Curiosity Shop4808 E County Highway 30A850-231-2007SarasotaAlbritton’s Nursery4151 Proctor Road941-925-0344SarasotaBeneva Garden Center735 S Beneva Road941-365-7182SarasotaCrowley’s Nurseries & Gardens16423 Jomar Road941-322-0315SarasotaEarthway Horticultural Service7910 Fruitville Road941-371-8870SarasotaFarm & Garden Supply Store1492 4th Street941-366-4954SarasotaFlorida Native Plants730 Myakka Road941-322-1915SarasotaFrank’s Nursery & Crafts3660 S Tuttle Avenue941-921-6242SarasotaMuncy’s Rose Emporium11207 Celestine Pass941-377-6156SarasotaQueen Palm Nurseries5275 N Washington Blvd941-355-4004SarasotaSarasota Growers Inc1001 Sinclair Drive941-371-4770SarasotaTropiflora3530 Tallevast Road941-351-2267SarasotaTroys Tropics5212 Proctor Road941-923-3756SarasotaVenture Tree Farms13010 Fruitville Road941-371-2443Satellite BeachBeachside Gardens-Brevard Inc1231 S Patrick Drive321-777-0011SatsumaWeldon’s Nursery1119 S US Highway 17386-649-4509SebringBig Sky Growers6111 Lakewood Road863-471-9797SebringHickory Hill Nursery11109 US Highway 98863-655-1661SebringMc Lane’s Country Gardens328 Lime Street863-471-1468SebringRunway Growers Inc1100 Scrubpens Road863-655-9700SebringSouthern Pride Growers Inc12176 Payne Road863-699-1351SebringTropical Wonders416 N Ridgewood Drive863-386-0291SebringVerdi At Robbins Nursery Inc4801 US Highway 27 S863-385-1145SebringWiley’s Nursery1205 Lake Josephine Drive863-655-2224SeffnerKerby’s Nursery & Landscaping2311 S Parsons Avenue813-685-3265SeffnerTampa Tropicals8680 Williams Road813-621-1619SeffnerValrico Nursery2018 E Wheeler Road813-689-2748SopchoppyTwice Tilled Herbs434 Pull Back Road850-962-3036SorrentoDixieland Foliage30230 County Road 437352-383-3746SorrentoGreen Angel Foliage30226 County Road 437352-383-7333SorrentoIgi Marketing Inc30050 County Road 437352-735-2378SorrentoO K Foliage30433 County Road 437352-735-0790SorrentoPlants To Go23800 Lake Chancellor Drive352-383-7451SorrentoSim’s Nursery Inc24229 Adair Avenue352-383-5575SorrentoTeeter Greenhouses32511 County Road 437352-383-4917SorrentoTransplant Growers Inc30050 Highway 427352-383-1688SorrentoTri Nursery31910 County Road 437352-383-4523SorrentoTucker Nursery Inc32130 County Road 437352-383-8229Southwest RnchsB & A Nursery5801 SW 210th Terrace954-680-9448Southwest RnchsCid & Son Garden Nursery5130 SW 210th Terrace954-434-9084Southwest RnchsGardens & Places17781 SW 46th Street954-689-4712Southwest RnchsHopkins Rare Fruit Nursery5200 SW 160th Avenue954-434-5558Southwest RnchsMarken Nursery18757 SW 69th Street954-680-6299Southwest RnchsMitrani Brysman Inc6210 SW 185th Way305-949-7239Southwest RnchsParrish Nursery6800 SW 172nd Avenue954-680-2413Southwest RnchsPerfect Choice Landscaping4700 SW 186th Avenue954-680-9105Southwest RnchsR R Garden Center II18400 Griffin Road954-680-6227Southwest RnchsRose Tree Farm5400 SW 208th Ln954-434-9735Southwest RnchsSabreena’s Garden Nursery5130 SW 208th Ln954-434-6458Southwest RnchsSergio’s Nursery5960 SW 190th Avenue954-680-4355Southwest RnchsSeven Brothers Nursery14640 Griffin Road954-434-8126Southwest RnchsSouth Florida Palm Grove Inc13200 Mustang Trl954-434-3944Southwest RnchsTriple I Nursery5601 SW 210th Terrace954-680-8972Southwest RnchsTropical Plant Producers Inc6401 SW 189th Way954-252-1441Spring HillCedar Bend Nursery1532 Osowaw Blvd352-683-1776Spring HillFlorida Cypress Creations6344 Toucan Trl352-686-3700St AugustineArt’s Nursery & Arbor House2850 Race Track Road904-829-2641St AugustineFox Hollow Nursery3098I Pacetti Road904-829-6657St AugustineGreen Acres Nursery3181 Green Acres Road904-827-0798St AugustineGreen Wave Nursery325 Watson Road904-794-0006St AugustineGreenery of St Augustine2400 US Highway 1 S904-797-7786St AugustineLambert’s Nursery4435 US Highway 1 S904-797-4202St AugustineLeonardi’s Nursery902 Anastasia Blvd904-829-5909St AugustineLightsey Group Inc870 Street Road 16904-829-5333St AugustinePlant Depot4404 Manucy Road904-824-0991St AugustineSouthern Acres Nursery5085 Street Road 16904-940-3356St AugustineSouthern Horticulture1690 A1A S904-471-0440St CloudFlora Express3111 Comanche Road407-892-5155St CloudGranny’s Garden3855 Rambler Avenue407-892-9229St CloudGray Henschen Inc5785 Lake Lizzie Drive407-892-6665St CloudNatures Color Inc2501 Absher Road407-709-7323St CloudSpencer’s Nursery3345 Henry J Avenue407-891-6322St CloudTeresa Fodor’s Nova Road Nursery6662 Nova Road407-709-4894St James CityMango Tango Tropicals5371 Stringfellow Road239-283-1900St James CityParadise Palms10211 Frankie Lane Drive239-283-1327St PetersburgA Cut Above4545 6th Avenue N727-321-4669St PetersburgCarroll Brothers Nursery Inc4950 38th Avenue N727-527-5418St PetersburgDolins Garden Center801 62nd Avenue N727-525-3434St PetersburgGulf Coast Garden Center4355 Haines Road N727-522-3074St PetersburgHazel’s Garden & Nursery5063 Dartmouth Avenue N727-321-4599St PetersburgJene’s Tropical Fruit Trees6831 Central Avenue727-344-1668St PetersburgKathy’s Korner Nursery Inc6095 Haines Road N727-525-9640St PetersburgLog Cabin Garden Center101 Pasadena Avenue S727-343-4204St PetersburgLog Cabin Garden Center Too6831 Central Avenue727-344-1668St PetersburgMarshall Tree Farm7734 34th Avenue N727-381-1423St PetersburgWillow Tree Nursery4401 49th Street N727-522-2594StarkeLittle Bitt Nursery7739 NW County Road 225904-964-3659StuartAll Seasons Nursery3191 S Kanner Hwy772-283-1553StuartArant’s Garden Center1405 NW Federal Hwy772-692-1212StuartBig Pine Nurseries800 SE Salerno Road772-286-3067StuartClassic Growers1970 SE Salerno Road772-287-1069StuartCove Garden Center5801 SE Federal Hwy772-781-0700StuartGreen Please Nursery1053 SE Indian Street772-219-0734StuartLychee Tree Nursery3151 S Kanner Hwy772-283-4054StuartPioneer Farms Inc2696 SW 96th Street772-286-0191SummerfieldFernview Farm14978 SE US Highway 301352-245-7905SummerfieldJon-Lin Gardens8170 SE 131st Place352-347-8126SummerfieldPorter’s Nurseries17950 SE US Highway 441352-347-0002SummerfieldSummer-Spring Design & Landscpaping16725 SE US Highway 441352-347-5585Summerland KeyGarden Concepts Landscape21423 Overseas Hwy305-745-3630Summerland KeySeapalms Nursery51 Dobie Street305-745-3981SumtervilleSumter Gardens2572 S US Highway 301352-793-9228TallahasseeD K Nurseries & Landscaping5809 W Tennessee Street850-575-6983TallahasseeDiamond K Nurseries4288 W Tennessee Street850-576-6416TallahasseeEarthworks Nursery833 W Tharpe Street850-385-1932TallahasseeEsposito Gardening Center2748 Capital Cir NE850-386-2114TallahasseeGriffin’s Greenery & FarmOld Centerville Road850-668-7358TallahasseeMack Brothers & Assoc Inc11300 Mahan Drive850-671-3614TallahasseeMittan, J B11398 Buck Lake Road850-877-2569TallahasseeNative Nurseries1661 Centerville Road850-386-8882TallahasseePutnal’s Pine Straw7068 Bradfordville Road850-668-0066TallahasseeRoyalty Plant Nursery & Landscaping233 Thompson Cir850-894-8916TallahasseeTallahassee Gardens & Nursery11025 Mahan Drive850-942-1050TallahasseeTallahassee Nurseries2911 Thomasville Road850-385-8190TallahasseeTony’s Garden Patch4580 Thomasville Road850-668-2278TallahasseeTriple Creek Nursery2528 Limerick Drive850-997-5551TamaracOld Time Pottery4021 W Commercial Blvd954-486-4883TamaracTropic Plants7910 N University Drive954-724-1955TampaAdorable Lawns & Gardens2705 Silver Lake Avenue813-661-1301TampaBaker’s Nursery Inc3408 Colwell Avenue813-932-6527TampaBest Value Plant Nursery2807 N Armenia Avenue813-253-0984TampaBest Value Plant Nursery II1411 W Sligh Avenue813-935-9821TampaGarden Center4005 S Macdill Avenue813-837-1177TampaGreentree Gardens4113 Henderson Blvd813-289-1634TampaHyde Park Greenery1316 W Swann Avenue813-258-8582TampaManny’s on the Bay Plants600 W Hillsborough Avenue813-231-9681TampaOakwood Wholesale Nursery6202 Eugene Avenue813-621-5249TampaOliver’s Nursery7511 E 21st Avenue813-626-7951TampaPalm City Tree Farm & Nursery9715 Wilsky Blvd813-806-4222TampaPlethora of Palms3660 W Gandy Blvd813-837-0913TampaTarzan’s Tree Farm15015 Heritage Trail Ln813-633-1355TampaTreemart Inc12505 N Nebraska Avenue813-972-4006TampaWilliam Nursery & Sod Inc15618 Hutchison Road813-963-7704TavaresGem Ornamentals15224 County Road 448352-343-0775TavaresGintec Shade Technologies1500 Lake Dora Drive352-343-7300TavaresWindy Ridge Nursery28840 Beechnut Road352-343-8976TavernierIslands in the Sun Nursery90174 Overseas Hwy305-852-6078ThonotosassaAlma’s Nursery10609 5th Street813-986-2119ThonotosassaMeyer’s Nurseries Inc9491 Rockhill Road813-986-5896TitusvilleA & D Nurseries Inc1125 White Drive321-267-4841UmatillaParadise Nursery & Garden Center Inc41444 Street Road 19352-669-8500VeniceDuke Garden Center601 US Highway 41 Byp S941-488-7141VeniceEdgewood Nursery326 N Havana Road941-488-8899VeniceGreen Earth Garden Center5175 Englewood Road941-493-1293VeniceVenice Tree Farms Inc3076 E Venice Avenue941-485-7543VeniceVmg Trees1950 Center Road941-493-7296VenusHickory Branch Nursery30 Horn Road863-465-0028VenusHighlands Greenhouse Inc955 Old Street Road 8863-699-2054Vero BeachB J’s Rainbow Garden2035 13th Avenue772-770-2750Vero BeachDura-Stone CO304 Old Dixie Hwy SW772-562-5291Vero BeachJohn Deere Landscapes7100 20th Street772-564-7505Vero BeachLandscape Connection Garden2950 US Highway 1772-569-0980Vero BeachMr B’s Glass & Things1085 12th Street772-567-9109Vero BeachNorman’s Garden Center498 22nd Place772-569-5550Vero BeachTripson Trail Nursery & Tree1905 27th Avenue SW772-567-5232WauchulaColonial Arm Nursery2370 US Highway 17 N863-773-4664WauchulaGolden Acres Nursery & Tree2244 Conerley Road863-735-2200WauchulaLovett Farms716 Polk Road863-773-9898WauchulaVoogd Growers397 Shackelford Road863-773-4853WebsterJohn Leverette Nursery12719 County Road 684352-793-6016WeirsdaleDE Rousse, Gail14300 SE 151st Placeace Road352-821-2413WeirsdaleJungle Joe’s Nursery17260 S Highway 25352-821-4308West Palm BeachAuthentic Provence522 Clematis Street561-805-9995West Palm BeachC & P Growers Inc15742 Northlake Blvd561-798-5257West Palm BeachCoggio’s Nursery & Landscape1112 Ranchette Road561-689-2849West Palm BeachDel Verde Farm9094 Pioneer Road561-753-3166West Palm BeachHenegan’s Nursery & Landscape7760 Southern Blvd561-793-1557West Palm BeachHorticultural Marketing Service2602 S Dixie Hwy #7561-514-0995West Palm BeachJames Landscape Designs Inc7820 N Military Trl561-625-3660West Palm BeachMeagher’s Nursery4175 1/2 Leo Ln561-848-9930West Palm BeachPalmieri Nursery4842 45th Street561-683-9001West Palm BeachPossum Pass Citrus100 Possum Pass561-686-2396West Palm BeachRorabeck’s Plants Produce Inc7820 N Military Trl561-881-5601West Palm BeachSouthern Gardens Nursery7777 Southern Blvd561-793-0733West Palm BeachSummit Growers1406 Ranchette Road561-615-4445West Palm BeachUbi Corp558 Marginal Road561-793-4378West Palm BeachUncle Bim’s Garden Center926 Belvedere Road561-832-8328WillistonRainbow Nursery & Ponds860 NE Highway 41352-528-2791Wilton ManorsIsland City Botanicals2520 N Dixie Hwy954-630-2627Wilton ManorsWilton Manors Nursery2194 Wilton Drive954-564-9147WimaumaFlorida Azalea Specialist5363 Bonita Drive813-634-2993WimaumaMy Mothers Garden Organic3819 County Road 579813-642-0191WimaumaSun City Plants & Produce17510 US Highway 301 S813-633-8081Winter GardenFlowering Tree Growers Inc14201 Tilden Road407-656-3912Winter GardenForemost Foliage Inc1751 Williams Road407-877-8684Winter GardenGolden hi11975 Roberson Road407-656-4812Winter GardenGreen Valley Greenhouses17550 Davenport Road407-656-3711Winter GardenHodge’s Greenhouse16365 E Davenport Road407-656-4554Winter GardenJpl Trees6133 Street Road 545407-656-0684Winter GardenLamb’s Nursery Inc17651 Dangler Road407-656-9250Winter GardenWest Orange Nursery4001 Street Road 545407-877-2930Winter HavenBloomers Nursery3208 Recker Hwy863-294-1735Winter HavenHighwoods Nursery Inc144 N Rifle Range Road863-324-3151Winter HavenO’Connors Flower Haven2650 Havendale Blvd NW863-967-9528Winter HavenRasnake Citrus Nursery5231 Thornhill Road863-294-8160Winter ParkApenberry’s Inc151 E Welbourne Avenue407-644-5909Winter ParkBocelli Inc836 Orange Avenue407-644-9949Winter ParkCornerstone Garden Shop Inc5589 Lake Howell Road407-677-9660ZephyrhillsCarpenter’s Garden Center37528 Street Road 54813-715-7510ZephyrhillsHooker’s Garden Nursery37609 Eiland Blvd813-780-6006Zolfo SpringsC & S Enterprises4088 Parnell Road863-453-0355Zolfo SpringsTen Oaks Nursery3901 Nursery Road863-735-1010

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