How to Store Coffee Long Term - Prepper Style (2022)

How to Store Coffee Long Term - Prepper Style (1)

As a prepper, I wanted to know how to store coffee long term. So, I set about researching various ways to have coffee stocked in my prepper pantry.

I know I’m not alone here. Food and Wine magazine cites a survey that says 64% of Americans drink a cup of coffee every day. I drink enough for the other 36%.

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2 Storage Options for the Short Term

The following 2 options are suitable for shorter-term storage and are going to serve most people well for daily consumption. They will extend the shelf life (and taste) of the coffee you buy at the grocery store.

1 – Air-Tight Containers

Ground coffee may be the most convenient, but it’s the least favorable way to store coffee long term. Once opened, ground coffee should be used within 1 to 2 weeks. Take it out of the container it came in and place it in an airtight coffee container.

Whole beans are going to last longer than ground coffee. There’s less surface area for the whole bean to begin breaking down than there is when the bean is ground.

Roasted beans are still roasted, however, and roasted beans are intended to be consumed, not stored for the long term. Storing roasted beans is like storing cooked food. You can do it, but food keeps a lot longer when stored fresh from the outset.

Note: Do not refrigerate it. Due to its porous nature it will pick up moisture and flavor from anything else you might have in there (fish, for example).

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2 – Freeze It

If your ground coffee bag is unopened, you can keep it in a freezer, but there is not widespread consensus on whether this makes the most sense. You’ll find people saying yes, others saying no.

Coffee absorbs moisture (and odors) from the air, and where virtually all containers will let moisture in, you end up – eventually – with freezer burn. This will take months, however. A true coffee connoisseur will notice a breakdown in taste over time if it’s stored in a freezer (source).

2 Storage Options for the Long Term

If you want to do the prepper way, you need to think outside the average person’s approach listed above. When we talk about “long term” in the prepper sense we are talking about years, not months. This is not something you can accomplish with grocery store-purchased ground coffee or whole roasted beans.

1 – Buy Prepper Coffee

How to Store Coffee Long Term - Prepper Style (2)

The easiest, fastest way to build up your supply of emergency coffee is to buy it outright. My Patriot Supply sells freeze-dried emergency food, but they also sell Franklin’s Finest Emergency Coffee, which has a 25-year shelf life. This is what I call “prepper coffee” (read my taste test).

Franklin’s is billed as “the first ever emergency survival coffee” providing a one-year supply of Franklin’s Finest Coffee for one person. The supply comes conveniently packages in twelve resealable 60-serving, heavy-duty 4-layer zipper pouches. This gives you a total of 720 servings. Now that’s survival!

For more information on freeze dried foods, see A Prepper’s Guide to Freeze Dried Foods.

2 – Seal Green Coffee Beans

This approach will give you the longest-lasting coffee without having to buy instant/freeze-dried coffee. It will involve having the equipment/skill to roast your own beans (more on that in a moment).

There are 4 steps to storing coffee beans long term:

  1. Start with fresh, green coffee beans.
  2. Place the beans in a Mylar bag with O2 absorbers.
  3. Seal the bag and label it.
  4. Be prepared to roast and grind beans.
How to Store Coffee Long Term - Prepper Style (3)

Preppers will know this type of storage strategy already, but let’s break it down into more detail for those who might not.

Step 1: Start with Fresh, Green Coffee Beans

For the ultimate way to achieve long-term coffee storage, you have to start with the freshest beans you can find. Unless you live on a coffee plantation, that means buying unroasted, green beans. You’re probably not going to be buying these at your local Starbucks, but you can order them online. There are all types of varieties to be had.

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How to Store Coffee Long Term - Prepper Style (5)
How to Store Coffee Long Term - Prepper Style (6)

Unroasted beans are apt to last a year or more under normal circumstances. We are not going for “normal” circumstances, however. We are creating a much better environment for beans to last longer by protecting them oxygen and light.

Step 2: Place the Beans in a Mylar Bag with O2 Absorbers

Coffee beans’ greatest enemies are air, moisture, and light. Oxygen absorbers and Mylar bags will protect your beans from enemies. The absorbers remove the oxygen and moisture, and the bags facilitate a proper seal and protect them from the light.

(Video) Emergency Food Prepping! How to store up sugar n beans for long term storage

So, you start by transporting those beans from the bag they came in to a Mylar bag with O2 absorbers. Place an absorber in the bottom of the bag and a few at the top. If you are unsure how many to use, check an oxygen absorber chart on our long-term rice storage article. Alternatively, you can just do what I do and throw in more than you know is necessary.

An alternative to Mylar bags is to use a quality vacuum sealer to remove the air. It’s the only way to be sure. Then you want to store the beans in a dry area away from the light. Call it overkill, but I would still place an O2 absorber in it just the same

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  • High-temperature resistant: The bottom pad of the heating strip has a mica sheet incorporated in it, which can withstand temperatures of up to 300℉. the sealing function can operate 40 times continuously without any damage to the machine.

Step 3: Seal the Bag and Label It

Mylar bags seal with heat; i.e. a standard clothes iron. Lay the bag on its side, hand squeeze as much air out as you can, make sure there are no stray beans where you are going to heat seal the bag, and then run a hot iron across the end, sealing it tight.

(Video) Long Term Food Storage For New Preppers - Old Heads NOT ALLOWED! :)

How to Store Coffee Long Term - Prepper Style (8)
How to Store Coffee Long Term - Prepper Style (9)

If your coffee is part of a larger long-term food storage plan, be sure to label the bag so you know 1) what is in the bag, and 2) when it was sealed shut. When you have a lot of foods stored in Mylar bags it will be very easy to forget what is what, and dating the seal will assure you are properly rotating stock.

Then you just need to wait around 4 hours for the oxygen absorbers to work their magic.

How to Store Coffee Long Term - Prepper Style (10)

Congratulations! Your coffee beans are now in a great position to maximize their shelf life. But what happens when you need to open the bag to brew fresh coffee? It’s not just like you’re going to put them in your auto-drip coffee maker. This isn’t ground coffee. Those beans haven’t even been roasted. You need to…

Step 4: Be Prepared to Roast and Grind Beans

This means you have to roast them yourself. This is a whole other process that you will want to learn, and to do so, read my post on off-grid coffee roasting and brewing.

In a nutshell, the beans can be roasted in a skillet or you can buy a coffee roaster. A simple ceramic coffee roaster will cost you about thirty dollars. A fancier model will cost you well over one-hundred dollars.

How to Store Coffee Long Term - Prepper Style (11)

You’re not going to be able to replicate the roasting process of a large commercial roaster in a skillet or a ceramic roaster, but a fancier model will make a much better, more fresh roast that is hard to beat… unless the power goes out! That’s when you’ll be using a ceramic roaster or cast iron skillet, and if you are storing prepper coffee, that’s what you’re going for anyway.

The same goes for grinding coffee beans. You can buy a basic electric grinder, but again, if the power goes out… well, then you’ll need a hand-crank grinder. I prefer those, but in a pinch, you can always crush the roasted beans in some other, more primitive fashion. They won’t be very uniform that way, and thus lack in perfected taste, but you’ll get the caffeine you need.

How to Store Coffee Long Term Summary

I’ve got a couple of the #10 cans full of coffee in my basement that I’ve had for a long while with my other #10 cans. I decided to try a can of French Roast.If it’s French roast it can’t be half bad right?Ha!It tasted terrible.

You don’t want to drink nasty coffee today, so you certainly won’t want to drink if after the apocalypse. Follow the steps I outlined on how to store coffee long term and you will be a post-apocalyptic coffee master… at least, until you run out of beans.


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