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UPDATE: On June 27, 2017, Animal Folks, in conjunction with the Animal Humane Society (AHS) and Steve and Denise Sterling (property owners in and taxpayers of Cass County), sued* the Minnesota Board of Animal Health for violation of the Commercial Breeders Licensing and Enforcement Law, known as the commercial breeder law. The Board had issued a license to dog breeder Deborah Rowell, who had been convicted of Minn. Stat. sec. 346.39, subd. 4 (lack of shelter and shade), which Animal Folks and its partners consider animal cruelty. Criminal case explained below. The MN commercial breeder law states the Board must refuse to issue a license to a commercial breeder who has been convicted of cruelty to animals. On May 7, 2018, the MN Court of Appeals dismissed the lawsuit stating it was time-barred. Due to this technicality, the issue was not argued on the merits. For details of the lawsuit, go to Lawsuit: BAH

* Standing was given to AHS.

NOTE: The information presented below is a brief overview of this dog breeder story. Additional legal documents and photos are available.

CASE:Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell

This case involves a USDA licensed dog breeder (Deborah Rowell) located in Pine River, Minnesota. The name of the breeding kennel is Country Pride Kennel.

Over 120 dogs and puppies were seized from this breeder in July 2013 through an investigation conducted by the Cass County Sheriff Office. The animals were not returned.

Multiple charges of Chapters 343 and 346 were filed against Rowell; the breeder pleaded guilty to one count (Minn. Stat. sec. 346.39, subd. 4; a misdemeanor — failure to provide proper shelter and shade).

In 2012 and 2013, Animal Folks filed multiple complaints with law enforcement against this dog breeder for suspected animal neglect and cruelty.

These actions — the complaint — is where the legal process begins so that law enforcement has sufficient reason to investigate and the animals can be protected.

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (1)

Exhibit 26 from investigation. Photo of dog pen at Country Pride Kennel in Pine River, MN, owned and operated by Deborah Rowell. Kennel typically housed 120+ dogs and puppies.

It all starts with a complaint

Based on the jurisdiction (where the breeder is located), Animal Folks first filed a 200+ page complaint with the Pine River Police Department (and City Attorney), who chose not to act because this breeder is "USDA licensed." (USDA is the United States Department of Agriculture. Those with a USDA license must follow the Animal Welfare Act, a federal law.) But federal law is separate from Minnesota law. Breeders must also be compliant with State and local laws.

To ensure the enforcement of Minnesota laws, Animal Folks filed the same complaint and two more with the Cass County Sheriff who agreed to conduct a full investigation.

These complaints were possible due to the courage of a few rescue groups, a local humane society and citizens. They are (by permission):

• Tracie Allen

• Kathy DuVall, Fairieland Corgi and German Shepherd Rescue

• Morrison County Animal Humane Society

• Jean Beuning and Karen Marquardt, Minnesota Sheltie Rescue

• Amanda Libby and Jim Block

Because they were willing to speak up based on what they knew and saw, Animal Folks was able to create affidavits and gather veterinarian records and photos of the hurt or sickly animals surrendered and/or sold from this kennel.

As this breeder was also licensed by the USDA, Animal Folks requested USDA inspection photos and compiled USDA inspection reports that showed noncompliances over multiple years, including one official USDA warning for lack of proper shelter.

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (2)

Two photos below are from USDA inspection reports in October 2010. USDA records indicate that the status of Rowell's federal license was cancelled as of September 23, 2014. As of this date, Rowell no longer operates with a federal USDA license.

As stated above, requirements for a federal license are separate and different from requirements for a state license. Conditions displayed here (as described per Animal Folks' complaints to law enforcement and the resulting sheriff investigation) were present when this breeder was operating with a federal license.

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (3)

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (4)

Animal Folks also submitted data requests to local law enforcement for complaints filed against this dog breeder by other citizens in past years, which indicated a pattern of chronic neglect.

For submittal to law enforcement, we also compiled scientific studies and resources showing the physical and psychological harm to animals due to lack of proper care.

The above, and other documents, provided sufficient evidence and information for Animal Folks to write a formal complaint against this breeder and suspect possible violation of multiple Minnesota laws, including Chapter 343 (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), Chapter 346.39 (Pet and Companion Animal Welfare Act - Dog and Cat Standards), Chapter 325F.791 (Consumer Protection - Pet Lemon Law), etc. These are existing Minnesota laws and needed to be enforced.

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (5)

Exhibit 10 from investigation. View of kennel area where many of the dogs were kept - exposed to outdoor elements, such as high summer and freezing winter temperatures.

Animal Folks requested an investigation.

Step one was gathering the research and compiling the data for the complaints. Step two involved submitting each complaint to law enforcement with a request for action.


Bobbie was in the worst condition.

She was a German Shepherd Dog, about seven years old and used for breeding. When rescued from this breeding kennel, Bobbie was what we would define as a puppy mill dog: physically and psychologically damaged.

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (6)

Photos of Bobbie showing emaciation and difficulty walking; tail was ripped off.

Bobbie was one of 12 dogs in the first complaint — given by the breeder to a local rescuer/citizen who then collaborated with the local humane society. They said Bobbie was the worst they've seen. Bobbie was so emaciated that she could barely walk and, when she did, would frequently fall. Her teeth were rotted and some teeth were missing. Her hair was filthy with urine and feces embedded in it, and her nails were excessively long (not clipped). It was apparent that she had some neurological problem. She trembled a lot and had frequent leg spasms. Her belly and mouth were full of tumors, which had not been treated and, it was believed, may have contributed to her starving. Bobbie's ear was torn and her nipples, too, were torn at the base with scabs and infection.

Bobbie's tail had also been ripped off.

Other dogs in the complaints were also in bad shape and the rescue groups and consumers ended up paying for the care and treatment of each animal.

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (7) Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (8)

The above dog — named Squirt and then re-named Gert — was also part of the original rescue and complaint. When rescued, this dog, a Schnoodle, was about 7 years old; a breeding female. She smelled and her hair was yellow in color; it is suspected this was due to lying in urine. Hair was missing from the top of her nose, which was said to be due to frostbite. As with the other dogs, she had dental disease and was not house-trained. Her mental damage was severe — shook when touched, sat with blank stares, and would urinate out of fright when picked up. She was eventually adopted and is now living in a loving home. The above photos are before and after — left photo (before; a few days after rescue from the kennel) and right photo (after adoption and many months of care).

Other stories: If you attended the Speak Up Rally (for the Dog and Cat Breeder Bill) at the Minnesota State Capitol in February 2013, you may remember a story told about a German Shepherd Dog who, too, was emaciated, her mouth had been torn, her ear torn, she was full of worms and parasites and she was psychologically broken. That dog, named Gemini, was from this breeding kennel. She, too, was described in the first complaint. (Gemini's story can be found at Fairieland Corgi and German Shepherd Rescue.)

Three of the Shelties, also in the first complaint, were so psychologically damaged "they acted as if they were catatonic — crouching in the corner and urinating out of fear. They also hid feces under their bedding and were fine with dogs but fearful of people."

The breeder stated, as reflected in the affidavits, that she had received these dogs and some other dogs from another breeder. But she also stated (in writing) that, even though she had the dogs for at least a year, she had not brought them to a veterinarian for care.

Investigation and Seizure

The complaints from Animal Folks provided probable cause of animal cruelty, providing reason for the kennel to be investigated.

The Cass County Sheriff Office followed up on the information and collected additional evidence to obtain a search warrant. The search warrant was executed on July 16, 2013 by the Sheriff Investigator and his team, including the Animal Humane Society. Violations of Minnesota law were seen and recorded, including lack of proper shelter, lack of sanitation, lack of shade, lack of potable water, lack of ventilation and other violations.

The photo to the right shows a dead mouse floating in one of the water buckets.

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (9)

The investigative team also found a Golden Retriever in one of the outdoor dog houses, dead and rotted with maggots. When asked at one of the civil hearings about this dog, the breeder's daughter stated that they smelled something but thought it was a dead rodent. Photos below show this dog decomposed, entered as evidence.

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (10) Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (11)

Photos below are some additional photos taken on the scene and submitted as evidence at the civil hearing to support the seizure of the animals.

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (12)

Photos above and below are from the investigation. The whelping building.

Lack of proper ventilation and lighting. High temperatures (97 degrees).

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (13)

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (14)

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (15)

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (16)

In mass-breeding facilities, adult breeding dogs are confined for years and bred repeatedly. Physical damage may be treatable; the psychological damage and mental suffering

may require extensive rehabilitation or may be irreversible.

Photos below show outdoor kennels with lack of shade for protection from heat

and lack of proper shelter for protection from elements.

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (17)

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (18)

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (19)

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (20)

Physical, environmental conditions are not the only factors to be considered when evaluating proper care. Performance standards, such as veterinary care, proper nutrition, socialization and enrichment practices, compatible grouping, grooming, and other factors, also influence an animal's well-being.

A decision was made by the Cass County Sheriff Investigator to seize all of the animals from the kennel — 102 dogs and 29 puppies. The Cass County Sheriff Office did what others had refused to do for years — enforce Minnesota laws.

The animals were documented by and transported to the Animal Humane Society, where staff and volunteers helped care for and treat all of the seized animals. As the holding period lasted over three months, the mother dogs started having puppies and the count grew to over 200.

The animals seized

Many of the dogs seized had typical "puppy mill" conditions. The veterinary exam showed a variety of ailments, including hookworms, round worms, flea bites, ear infections, mammary tumors, rotting teeth, luxating patellas, hernias, scars, long nails, scabby coats, some tails were docked, some puppies were anemic, one dog had entropion, and one dog was pregnant and diagnosed with pyometra, resulting in a uterus full of full-size deceased puppies.

As expected, the physical wounds and diseases were only half the story. Many of the animals also showed psychological distress.

One dog, in particular, a Golden Retriever now named Annie, who was fostered and cared for by RAGOM, is a female who was bred repeatedly. When first seized, she had hookworms, eye infections, cherry eye, ear infections, severe dental disease (four teeth were pulled), leg scars, a thin, scabby coat, and a benign tumor. She was also 10 years old — and pregnant.

But her mental state was even worse. Denise Anderman from RAGOM described Annie's condition: "Annie is now in a safe and calm home but she spends 90% of her time sitting in her open crate. The sadness in her eyes is heart-breaking. This is typical of what we see in puppy mills. We can heal the physical wounds but you never fully heal the psychological wounds. She will never be a normal dog. The person who adopts her will need to understand that, and give her patience and kindness."

Pine River Dog Breeder Deborah Rowell (21)

The prosecution

The Cass County Attorney's Office filed a nine count criminal complaint charging Deborah Rowell with violations of MN Chapter 343 and Chapter 346.39.

As the animals had been seized, this was both a civil and a criminal case, creating multiple motions that ended up extending the holding time of the animals. After more than three months from the date of seizure, the courts transferred ownership so the animals could be adopted and re-homed (civil action).

• Register of Actions: Case No. 11-CR-13-1444 (criminal)

• Register of Actions: Case No. 11-CV-13-1381 (civil)

• Example of one judge's order (civil): Denying a motion

Shortly before the trial date, a plea agreement was made in criminal court (posted October 14, 2013).

• The plea was an Alford Plea.

• The breeder pleaded guilty to and was convicted of one count (a misdemeanor — failure to provide proper shelter and shade). Eight other charges were dismissed.

• This breeder was fined $50, and given a 90-day jail sentenced, which was stayed. (No Order of Restitution was imposed, which would have required the breeder to help pay for the treatment, care and keeping of the animals.)

• No order was made preventing Deborah Rowell from owning, possessing or breeding dogs or other animals.

• No probation was ordered. The breeder is required to allow police to inspect her kennels.

While it is a huge victory that the animals were seized and not returned, the plea agreement was weak with few conditions. This breeder could continue breeding. The breeder later obtained a state breeder license to operate and, as of this date, is breeding and selling dogs. (See lawsuit link below.)

The goal: To learn; to support.

Most cases have some victories and some disappointments.

But in every situation, we can learn. How can we help authorities so they have the knowledge, skills and confidence required to effectively enforce animal protection laws in Minnesota? What do they need? How can we support them?

Animal Folks is on a mission to do just that.

UPDATE: After the conviction and after the commercial breeder law was passed, the MN Board of Animal Health granted a state license to this dog breeder to operate. Animal Folks attempted to work with the MN Board of Animal Health (BAH) to resolve this issue. On June 27, 2017, Animal Folks sued the BAH for violation of the breeder law. For further explanation of the lawsuit and actions you can take, go to: Lawsuit: BAH


The Animal Humane Society (AHS) cared for the dogs and puppies seized from this facility. AHS produced a video of this rescue:The long journey home


07-19-13: More than 130 dogs seized from dog breeder in Pine River, MN

07-20-13: Minnesota dog breeder charged with multiple counts

07-30-13: Minnesota dog breeder has history of shelter issues

10-30-13: Breeder Charged for Deplorable Conditions, Still Allowed to Breed

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In this certiorari appeal, relator Animal Humane Society (AHS) challenges the decision by respondent Minnesota Board of Animal Health (the board) to renew respondent Deborah Rowell's commercial dog or cat breeder license.. AHS argues that Rowell was convicted of animal cruelty in 2013 and that the board therefore (1) should never have granted Rowell an initial license and (2) should not have renewed, and must revoke, Rowell's license.. Because AHS's challenge to Rowell's initial licensure is time-barred, and because AHS forfeited its argument that Rowell was convicted of animal cruelty, we affirm.. Id ., subd.. Id ., subd.. Id ., subd.. AHS contends that its challenge to the initial licensure is not time-barred because the 2017 renewal was based on the 2015 initial-licensure determination that Rowell had not been convicted of animal cruelty and because "[i]t is in the interest of justice not to immunize the Board from its initial decision to grant Rowell a license, especially where the Breeder Licensing Law requires the Board to continuously ensure that commercial breeders in Minnesota have not been convicted of animal cruelty.". AHS forfeited its argument that Rowell was convicted of animal cruelty because AHS failed to assert that argument in a timely certiorari challenge to Rowell's initial licensure , despite having knowledge of the argument.. Like the park patrol agents with their job reclassification, AHS was aware, two years prior to seeking review, of the board's determination that Rowell's 2013 conviction did not constitute animal cruelty.. We believe this is analogous to the action brought by the park patrol agents in Evenrud ; both the park patrol agents and AHS sought review of a recent decision (there the retroactive reclassification, here the 2017 renewal) as a means of attacking a past decision (there the 1972 salary reduction, here the 2015 determination that Rowell was not convicted of animal cruelty) that could have been challenged at the time the past decision was made.. The same result should obtain in both cases: the park patrol agents forfeited their challenge to the 1972 salary reduction, and AHS has forfeited its challenge to the 2015 determination that Rowell was not convicted of animal cruelty.

Animal cruelty court cases in Minnesota. There are numerous cases of animal cruelty (or suspected animal cruelty; some cases below are still active) throughout Minnesota.. Breeder was still allowed to breed (no conditions placed during sentencing).. Dog breeder found guilty and convicted of 13 felony counts of animal cruelty.. Osterbauer was charges with animal cruelty.. Sather pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year in jail, 4 years probation and multiple conditions.

CourtCourt of Appeals of MinnesotaWriting for the CourtSmith, Tracy M., JudgePartiesIn re the Commercial Dog or Cat Breeder License Issued to Deborah Rowell for Country Pride KennelDocket NumberA17-1334Decision Date07 May 2018In re the Commercial Dog or Cat Breeder License Issued to Deborah Rowell for Country Pride Kennel. In this certiorari appeal, relator Animal Humane Society (AHS) challenges the decision by respondent Minnesota Board of Animal Health (the board) to renew respondent Deborah Rowell's commercial dog or cat breeder license.. AHS argues that Rowell was convicted of animal cruelty in 2013 and that the board therefore (1) should never have. Because AHS's challenge to Rowell's initial licensure is time-barred, and because AHS forfeited its argument that Rowell was convicted of animal cruelty, we affirm.. The following year, Rowell applied to the board for a commercial dog or cat breeder license under the newly enacted Minnesota Commercial Breeders Licensing and Enforcement Act, Minn Stat.. In February and March of 2015, the board received correspondence from several entities that objected to Rowell's licensure, arguing that Rowell's 2013 conviction precluded her licensure.. AHS asks this court to reverse the board's initial-licensure decision on the ground that Rowell should never have been granted a license pursuant to Minn. Stat.. 1(o), and to reverse Rowell's license renewal and direct the board to revoke Rowell's license pursuant to Minn. Stat.. Over 100 Countries Search over 120 million documents from over 100 countries including primary and secondary collections of legislation, case law, regulations, practical law, news, forms and contracts, books, journals, and more.. Over 100 Countries Search over 120 million documents from over 100 countries including primary and secondary collections of legislation, case law, regulations, practical law, news, forms and contracts, books, journals, and more.

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AquaZoo Extreme Pets, Orange Park, FLRobert Schneider, Private, Gainesville, FLRose Campellone, Owner, Exotic Pets & More Inc, Okeechobee, FLSamir Sutaria, Owner, Petland Sarasota, Sarasota, FLSandy Moore, President, Segrest Inc, Gibsonton, FLTheodore Bell, President, Osceola Puppies, PORT CHARLOTTE, FLTrevor Davies, Owner, Petland Orlando South, Orlando, FLAlysia Mixon, Lpn and fish hobbyist, Addictive aquatics pet store, Blackshear, GAAlisa Mobley, Fuel center, Kroger, Blackshear, GAAngela Sweat, Pet lover/owner, Blackshear, GACandace Howel, Mrs., Addictive Aquatics Pet Store, Blackshear, GACaylie Hanchey, Pet owner, Blackshear, GACheyanne Jenkins, Addictive Aquatics, Waycross, GAChris Scruggs, Pet owner, Petland, Chatsworth, GACollette Griffin, Hobbyist, Hobbyist, Blackshear, GACoralee Thomas , Cashier, The lakes, Nahunta, GACorbett Nettles, Corbett Addictive Aquatics, Waycross, GADeborah Cravey, Mrs., Sale of pets in stores, Waycross, GADiana Santana, Customer, Addictive Aquatics, Blackshear, GAFrank Michtak, Mr Furry awesome, Waycross, GAGeorge McDannald, Owner, Petland Dunwoody, Atlanta, GAGreg Housley, Owner, Optimum Aquarium, Kennesaw, GAHolly Stone, pet owner, Douglas, GAJanet Runyon, Pet store, Addictive Aquatics, Blackshear, GAJessica Runyon, Pet shop, Addictive Aquatics, Blackshear, GAJosh Dunnigan, Customer, Addictive aquatics, Alma, GAKirsten Thompson, Kirsten Aquatics, Waycross, GAKori James, Mrs. Addictive Aquatics, Waycross, GALinton Gilliard, Mr., Addictive Aquatics Pet Store, Blackshear, GALisa Holloman, Owner, Pets R us, Calhoun, GAMatthew Sikes, Owner, Addictive Aquatics Pet Store LLC, Blackshear, GAMonte Brokate, Franchisee/Owner, Petland of Rome, Rome, GANichole Gonzalez, Small animal enthusiast, Addictive aquatics, Screven, GANoah James, Mr. Live Oak Homes, Waycross, GASheila Humphrey, Aquarium owner, pet owner, international company employee, None, Lavonia, GAShelby Zenner, Great people, Pet shop, Waycross, GASteve Hughes, National Sales Manager, Segrest Inc., Atlanta, GAJared Peterson, Owner, Crane Canines, Wesley, IAJolyn Noethe, President,J.A.K.’S PUPPIES, INC., Britt, IAKimberly Dolphin, Owner, JAKS PUPPIES, INC, BRITT, IANancy Magnusson, Ms, High Country Kennel, Lansing, IARon Solsrud, President and Owner, Petland Iowa City, Iowa City, IAWendy Solsrud, Owner, Petland, Iowa City, IAKevan Birrell, Owner, BioTerra Exotics, Twin falls, IDAna Soskic, President, Furry Babies, Lombard, ILBrian Lett, President, Third Party Pet, Naperville, ILCarl Swanson, Owner, Petland Chicago Ridge, Batavia, ILEric Hardy, Owner, Hardy Aquatics, Chicago, ILGayland Bourland, Owner, Noah’s Ark Pet Shoppe, Effingham, ILKen Walker, Owner, Kens Exotics, Paxton, ILRyan Cozzo, Owner, Chief Reptile, Mount Prospect, ILRyan McVeigh, Chief Operating Officer, VivTech LLC, Wheeling, ILSteven Pascazio, Hobbyist, IL aquatic keepers, Chicago, ILThomas Gannon, President, VastOcean Inc, Naperville, ILAdri Fields, Manager, Petland Terre Haute, Mooresville, INJennifer Ferency, Owner Petland Terre Haute, Terre Haute, INJulia Robertson, Worker, Cowan’s exotics, Butlerville, INJulie Saylor, Ms., Jaydens Jungle, Aurora, INKevin Hardin, Owner, Kasper Aquatics, New Albany, INKinzie Wilson, Owner, KLW Reptiles LLC, Hudson, INLORI WILSON, PRESIDENT, UNCLE BILL’S PET CENTERS, INDIANAPOLIS, INMorgan Miller, Manager, Petland Terre Haute, Terre Haute, INNANI SANCHEZ, PURCHASING MANAGER, UNCLE BILL’S PET CENTERS, INDIANAPOLIS, INPayton Ferency, Student, ISU, Terre Haute, INRich Lidstrom, Owner, Enriched Fish, Noblesville, INSCOTT KIRKWOOD, SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER, UNCLE BILL’S PET CENTERS, INDIANAPOLIS, INTerri Lewis, Owner, Lewis Property Solutions LLC, EDWARDSBURG, INDarcy Bowman, owner, That Critter Place, Great Bend, KSRebecca Hertel, Owner, TenSummers, LLC dba Petland, Andover, KSRick Chacon, Mr, RC pets, Overland Park, KSStaci Williams, Owner, Petland Topeka, Topeka, KSGreg Bearden, Owner, Petland, Lexington, KYMichael Lykins, Business owner, Adventure Pets, Berea, KYNicholas Casey, General Manager, Sandy’s Pet Shop, Louisville, KYTonya Tucker, Hobbyist, none, Independence, KYDina Haines, Owner, Pets Paradise, Vidalia, LAGary Soileau, Owner, Blue Heaven Aquaria, Kenner, LAJohn Fisher, Owner, J & F Aquatic & Exotic LLC, Terrytown, LARAYMOND LAMBRECHT, owner, Pet Zone, The Shreveport, LAJames Gentile, Retired, The pet shop, Everett, MAMellisa Raposo, Owner, Mellisa’s Pet Depot, NO.. DARTMOUTH, MASteven Raposo, Owner, Mellisa’s Pet Depot, Fairhaven, MAKristy Gibson, concerned citizen, Yankee Dragons, Princeton, MDAudrey Zaremba, Companion Animal Leader, Petco, Brooklyn, MDDebra Cossentino, Owner, Charm City Puppies, ELLICOTT CITY, MDTony Clark, Urban Reptiles, BALTIMORE, MDWayne Cossentino, Owner, Cossentino & Sons Remodeling & Design, ELLICOTT CITY, MDWilliam Unger III, Owner, Scales-N-Tails, LLC, LaVale, MDPete Risano, VP Membership & Partnerships, World Pet Association, Portland, MEAnnette Milito, Plant Order fulfillment Technician, Josh’s Frogs, Corunna, MIAnthony Stanley, Director of the Animal Department, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MIAva Miller, Tree Frog Keeper, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MIBill Backus, President, A&M Aquatics, Lansing, MICharles Templeton, National Sales Manager, Prevue Pet Products, Grant, MIDiane Reszetar, Assistant Manager, Pet Station, Jackson, MIDustin Hatt, Pet Owner, Pet Station, Jackson, MIEric Wright, CTO, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MIEvan Klinkoski, Email & SMS Marketing Specialist, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MIGrant Rakowski, account manager, A&M Aquatics, Lansing, MIGage Dyer, Store Owner, Fins & Filters, LLC, Highland, MIGreg Jones, Owner, Sunset Corals, Linden, MIGreg Stingraybay, member, Stingraybay, Eastpionte, MIHazel Bunting, Owner, Stingers Exotics LLC, Livonia, MIHeather Burke, Curator of Aquatics, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MIJean McKim, Executive Director, Imagine Planet, Jackson, MIJewell Howard, Owner, Golden Serpent Exotics, New Baltimore, MIJohn Marshall, Mr., Retired, ROCHESTER HILLS, MIJohn Stasie, President, Nu Wave Aquariums, Dearborn heights, MIJohn Stottele, Owner, The Family Puppy, Livonia, MIJoshua Kingsley, Doctor, Orthopaedic Rehab specialist, Hillsdale, MIJOSHUA WILLARD, CEO, JOSH’S FROGS LLC, OWOSSO, MIKatherine Dyer, Owner, Family Pet Practice, Waterford, MIKelsey Carpenter, Sales associate, Pet station Jackson, Cement, MIKristen Spencer, Manager, Pet station, Jackson, MIMaria Waxler, Mrs. Pet owner, Jackson, MIMark Smith, President, Frontier Distributing, Inc., Oxford, MIMartha Cole, Pet owner , Galesburg, MIMary Payne, Jackson, MIMichelle Bush, Owner & Pet Lover, Packy’s Pets, Houghton Lake, MIPhil Schmidt, Mr., Josh’s Frogs, Durand, MIRichard Britton, Amphibian Keeper, Josh’s Frogs, Ashley, MISam Reef, Owner, Aquatic dream designs, Royal oak, MISierra McWilliams, Admin Specialist, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MISteve Funk, Owner, Funky Fish & Friends, Gaylord, MITeri Mogg, HR Specialist, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MITim Beaudrie, Owner, SCALZES & TAILZS LLC, Traverse City, MITom Campbell, President, The Fish Doctors, Inc., Ypsilanti, MITyler Koyne, Order Fulfillment Manager, Josh’s Frogs, Owosso, MIZoe Clouse, Sales associate, Pet Station, Jackson, MIDakota Ponto, Owner, Zirbes feeders and fish supply, Brook Park, MNDeborah Rowell, Owner, Country Pride Kennel, Pine River, MNJoseph Ferriero, Owner, Twisted Plays, Morris, MNLiam Finnegan, Owner/Breeder, LDR Reptiles LLC, Eden Prairie, MNRick Berndt, Owner, Pet Zone Inc, Bemidji, MNChris Fleming, CEO, Pinnacle Pet, Neosho, MOChris Heiskell, Breeder Relations Manager, Petland Inc., Joplin, MODoug Pasternack, Manager, Petland Blue Springs, Blue Springs, MOJacki Coffman, Mrs. Petco St Louis, MOJames Yalem, Mr., none, LAKE OZARK, MOJeffrey Hartmann, Treasurer, Pet Garden, Inc., Lake Saint Louis, MOKok Zhi Lee, Dr., Washington University in St Louis, Saint Louis, MOMichael Heye, Owner and C.F.O., Critters Pet Shop, St Joseph, MOMichele Miller, Office assistant, La Mesa, MOMike Cooper, owner, Mike’s Coral Farm Seymour, MOMike Nollau, member, ARRP Medicare Advantage UnitedHealthcare, Troy, MOMisty Fleming, Partner, Pinnacle Pet, Neosho, MOJeff Picklesimer, Owner, Fintastic Aquariums of Wake Co, Cary, NCAmy Grubb, Owner, Amy’s Pet Parade, Minot, NDRhonda Thomas, Owner , R&J’s World of Pets, Minot, NDVicki Mineo, Owner, Cpi Inc. Phoenix, NEJillian Weidman, Fish Hobbyist, Karlsdottir Gardens & Apothecary, Derry, NHMike Griffeth, Owner, woofmeow, Derry, NHThomas Sadowski, Owner of pet city, Pet City llc, Seabrook, NHJeffrey Morton, President, New Jersey Coalition of Responsible Pet Stores, Union, NJJennifer Bujalski, Manager, Aquarium Roots, Green Brook, NJJONATHAN DUBREUIL, OWNER, SHAKE A PAW, GREEN BROOK, NJMark Dougherty, Mr, Docs Fish, Pennsauken, NJPJ Lance, Mr, Value Pet Center, Pennsauken, NJStephanie Earl, Owner, Furrylicious Puppy Boutique, Whitehouse Station, NJWILLIAM CHAPPELL, President, Bill’s Wonderland of Pets, Magnolia, NJBob Ashley, Director, Chiricahua Desert Museum, Rodeo, NMDiane Baum, store owner, You Pet’Cha, Morris, MNMichael Hresko, owner, house of tropicals, Glen Burnie, NMJohn Lance, Owner, A&E Cage Co, Burlington, NJMarie Saciolo, Office Manager, Fish Fish Fish, Lyndhurst, NJMark Dougherty, Mr, Docs Fish, Pennsauken, NJStephanie Earl, Owner Furrylicious, Whitehouse Station, NJThomas Gallo, Store Owner, PetCenter, Manalapan, NJDavid Sexton, President/CEO, Wildlife Safari, Roswell, NMGerald Welt, MR, WELTLAW, Henderson, NVKathleen Vinluan, Co-Owner, Puppy Boutique Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NVKen Kirkpatrick, Las Vegas, NVMatt Stafford, Wildlife curator, Tropicana hotel and casino, Las Vegas, NVPaul Tomas, Co-Owner, Puppy Boutique Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NVDAN FEENEY, INVENTORY MANAGER, PET WORLD, INC. ROCHESTER, NYEmilio Ortiz, Public affairs, Citipups, New York, NYGabriel R Cortorreal Jr, Mr, Bobby’s Exotic Pets, Bronx, NYJax Arnold, Store manager, Countrymax, Webster, NYJen Fillinger, President, Worldwide Puppies, Belmore, NYJim Seidewand, President, Pet World Inc, Rochester, NYJohn Ip, President, Monster aquarium, Flushing, NYJoy Dai, Ms, Cute pet store, NYC, NYLisa Elliott, Owner, Lisas Pet Place, Painted Post, NYMARGIE SEIDEWAND, OWNER, PET WORLD, INC. ROCHESTER, NYMARY PAT FEENEY, MANAGER, PET WORLD, INC. ROCHESTER, NYMelissa Keller, Brooklyn, NYPeterson Almodovar, Sir., New York, NYPhillip Skiba, President, AQUAVARIA, HUNTINGTON STATION, NYRachael Grace, Employee, Countrymax, Webster, NYSam Furbeck, pet department manager, CountryMax, Webster, NYSarah Greenstein, Owner, The Left Paw, New Hyde Park, NYShelley Kemp, Owner, Petzotics, Verona, NYSteve Roussis, President, Roussis Reptiles, Westbury, NYTed Bell, Owner , The Pet Zone, Amsterdam, NYThomas on Bargen, Manager, Petkraze NY LLC, Brewster, NYWilson Lin, Mr, Voy Media, New York, NYAiden Davis, Sales/hobbyist, Pets in the Park, Butler, PAAlicia McClune, VP of Operations & HR, That Fish Place, Lancaster, PAChris Gomes, COO, Ruh Ro’s Pet Shoppe, Conshohocken, PAChrisi Amour, Owner, That Fish Place-That Pet Place, Lancaster, PADave Acland, Executive Manager, That Fish Place/That Pet Place, LANCASTER, PADale Kreider, Controller, That Fish Place – That Pet Place, Lancaster, PAEric Dickey, Mr., Pittsburgh, PAEric Zeigler, President, Zeiglers Distributor, INC, LEBANON, PAFawn McCloskey, Manager/Sales, Pets in the Park, West Sunbury, PAHeather Miller, Office Manager That Fish Place – That pet Place, Lancaster, PAJOEL OVALLE, Store Owner, Exotic Fish & Pets LLC, Reading, PAJohnny Thompson, Owner, Petfection, Exotic Pet Specialist, Tannersville, PAJoshua Kim, Hobbiest and Technician, Aquatic Start, Haverton, PAKevin Marron, Warehouse manager, That Fish Place/That Pet Place, Lancaster, PALaura Moore, Head Manager, Pets in the Park, Butler, PALinda VanGuilder, Manager, JSK’S FISH & MORE, Cresson, PALorraine Sutton, Manager/Hobbyist, Pets in the Park, Butler, PAMatt Riggleman, Marketing Director, That Fish Place – That Pet Place, Lancaster, PAMonique Thompson, Owner, Petfection, Tannersville, PARichard Amour, President, That Fish Place – That Pet Place, Lancaster, PATheresa Price, Owner, Pets in the Park, Butler, PAThomas Herron, Owner, Fins Feathers Paws & Claws, Harleysville, PAScott Wilkes, Owner, The Pet Shop, Whitehall, PAShawn Young, Owner, JSK’S FISH & MORE, Cresson, PAStacy Davis, Purchasing director, that fish place that pet place, Lancaster, PAWilliam Davis, CEO, D.A.W.. Pets LLC, Pittsburgh, PAAdam Heroux, President, A’s Aquatics & Pet Store, North Kingstown, RIAdam Kyle, Dragon supervisor, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OHAmber Gotthardt, Supervisor, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OHAmber Hamby, animal care tech, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OHAmy Mack, COO, Reptiles By Mack, XENIA, OHAndrew Nelson, Director of Training, Petland Inc., Chillicothe, OHAndrew Subotnik, Owner, Zoogari Pets, Norton, OHAshley, Thieman, Mrs, Petland Beavercreek – employee, Fairborn, OHBill Wymard, Director of Operations, Aquarium Adventure, Hilliard, OHCharles Volle, Retired Biologist, Creative Juices, Cincinnati, OHClayton Girdler, Mr., Changing Tide Aquatics, Findlay, OHDawn Rettig, Owner, Changing Tide Aquatics, Findlay, OHDrew Malesko, Animal Care Tech, Reptiles By Mack, Xenia, OHDwight Burk, President, Burk Family Enterprises, Chesapeake, OHElizabeth Kunzelman, Vice President of Legislative and Public Affairs, Petland, Chillicothe, OHEmilee Brewer, Warehouse Lead, Reptiles By Mack, Beavercreek, OHEmily Ellsworth, Owner, Pure Pet LLC, Salem, OHJacqueline Neff, Vice President, Neffspets Inc DBA Petland, Hillsboro, OHJames Brown, Director of Marketing, Petland, Inc., Chillicothe, OHJennifer Fugate, Animal care tech, Reptiles by Mac, Xenia, OHJessica Hilliard, shipping team lead, Reptiles By Mack, Mason, OHJim Bright, Owner The Reptile pit llc, Hamilton, OHJim Gintner, CEO & Founder, Eye Catching Coral, Vienna, OHJoe Watson, President, Petland USA, Chillicothe, OHJohn Mack III, CEO, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OHJohn Mack, Production, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OHJulie Malesko, Human Resources, Reptiles by Mack, Kettering, OHKeith Ellsworth, Store Owner, Pure Pet LLC, Salem, OHKim Stout, President, Coastal Pet Products, Alliance, OHMark Broge, Hobbyist, Cincinnati, OHMark George, President, Reptiles by Mack, Beavercreek, OHMegan Farnham, Accounting Supervisor, Reptiles by Mack, Dayton, OHMelissa McMeans, Miss, Reptiles by Mack, Huber Heights, OHMercedes Gordon, Animal care tech, Reptiles by Mack, Huber Heights, OHMICHAEL BROWN, veterinarian, Michael G Brown DVM, Dayton, OHMIKELA SHARP, Ms.. Reptiles by Mack, Dayton, OHMorgan Moore, Team Member, Reptiles by Mack, West Carrollton, OHNancy Vithous, Owner, Pet Stop Inc, Ashland, OHNathan Meadows, Animal care tech, Reptiles by Mac, Xenia, OHRichard Stevenson, Owner, Madhouse Serpents and Supplies LLC, Huber Heights, OHTaylor Dice, Animal Care tech, Reptiles by Mack, Xenia, OHTaylor Dooley, Inventory, Petland, Heath, OHTesla WINKLER, Owner, Tesla’s Geckos etc LLC, Chesapeake, OHTim Brooks, animal tech, Reptiles by Mack, Centerville, OHTravis Heick, Pet care tech, Reptiles by Mack, Fairborn, OHSarah Root, Animal care technician, Reptiles by Mack, Dayton, OHSavannah Bray, Ms.. Reptiles by Mack, Dayton, OHSeirra Dilldine, Team lead, Reptiles by Mack, Beavercreek, OHShavon Sweet, Animal care tech, RBM, Xenia, OHStephanie Mossburg, Animal Care Technician, Reptiles by Mack, Beavercreek, OHStephanie Sheridan, Miss, Changing Tide Aquatics, Findlay, OHSteve Huggins, VP of Business Development & International Relations, Petland Inc., Chillicothe, OHAmber Hudson, Owner, The Aquarium Pet Store, Weatherford, OKArtie Puckett, owner, Ok Birds, LLC, Newcastle, OKElmerI Bellman, Owner, B&E PETS, Park Hill, OKJanet Donnelly, Owner, Wyndham Kennels, Inola, OKCameron Johnson, Mr., N/A, Lake Oswego, ORNoah Criswell, NW Sales Director, Zoo Med Laboratories, Lake Oswego, ORRichard Bjugan, Owner, a to z pets, Portland, ORRod McDougall, Owner, Wild West Pets, Pendleton, ORDavid DeShaw, Owner, Petland, Pawley’s Island, SCEric McBeth, Business owner, LowCountry Exotics LLC, Bluffton SCRobert Mills, owner, The Spoiled Pet, MYRTLE BEACH, SCAmanda Kiviniemi, Ms., Animal City, Shelbyville, TNChristopher Ooms, Manager, Franklin Aquarium Pet Shop, Columbia, TNDavid Bravo, General Manager, Petland, Murfreesboro, TNJeremiah Clackum, Mr. Small scale gecko breeder, Oak Ridge, TNJessica Pappas, owner, none, Dandridge, TNKathryn Chapman, Katie’s Critters pet spa & shop, Sevierville, TNKevin Human, Owner, Ricki’s Pet Depot, Farragut, TNLillie Mullins, Ms. Small scale gecko breeder, Oak Ridge, TNLisa Berkel, Owner, Smoky daydreams, Del Rio, TNNancy Wey, National Sales Director, Aquarium Life Support Systems, Knoxville, TNSasha Hinson, Manager, Franklin Aquarium Pet Shop, Columbia, TNScott Roe Mr. Scott LaserWorks Hendersonville TNTama Ooms, Owner, Franklin Aquarium, Columbia, TNAlix Murillo, Demand Analyst, Petco, San Antonio, TXArti Patel, Self-employed, Petjay Inc. DBA Petland, Frisco, TXBlake Grossman , Manager, Red crest pet shop, Boerne, TXCharles Hendricks, Mr, Self, Dallas, TXDoug Mazyn, Self, Cypress, TXEdmundo Murillo, Lancer Worldwide, San Antonio, TXGerald Beathard, Owner, 3rd Coast Ball Pythons, Livingston, TXJames Durden, Owner, JBR ALL PETS, LLC, Brittany’s Pet Depot, Katy, TXJAMES PATTON, CEO, Rivers and Reefs Pet Center, Inc., Austin, TXJamie Whittaker, Owner, ABC Birds, Humble, TXJayesh Patel, self-employed, Petjay Inc. DBA Petland, Frisco, TXJennifer Schwerdtfeger, Marfa, TXJohn Barron-Ethridge, President Pet City, Houston, TXKeaton White, Manager, Petland Frisco, Aubrey, TXLeticia Gonzales Rodriguez, Owner, Papa Jim’s Tropical Fish, San Antonio, TXMatt Dieterle, President, Whole Pets Market, LLC, Dripping Springs, TXPennie Shelton, President, S & S Exotic Animals, Inc., Houston, TXPeyton Turk, Owner, Red Crest Pet Shop, Boerne, TXSUZETTE STIDOM, Owner, S & S Exotic Animals, Inc., HOUSTON, TXTerry Brown, Pet person, Coral seller, Nacogdoches, TXDavid Salinas, Mr, The Puppy Store, Saint George, UTJon Goalen, Partner/Owner, J’s Jungle, North Logan, UTRuth Goalen, Pet store owner, Js Jungle, Logan, UTArthur Davenport, Pet Owner, CHESAPEAKE, VACooper Jessup, Mr., US Government Employee, Fairfax, VADavid Foley, President, Pet WORLD Ltd, Newport News, VAMichael Barber, Mr., Potomac Valley Aquarium Society, Merrifield, VARobert Cook, CEO, Pinogy Corporation, Leesburg, VATristan Troyer, General Manager, Nova Tropicals LLC, Woodbridge, VADavid, Chann, Business Owner, Reptiles Pavilion, Auburn, WADavid Dempsey, Owner Novatropicals Woodbridge, VARama Sabbakhan, President, Skoolz of Fish, Mechanicsville, VAShane Glass, Reptile Department Manager, Pet & Aquatic Warehouse, Lynchburg, VADaniel Blake, Member, One Stop Country Pet Supply, Brattleboro, VTAlex Orleans, President, Northwest Zoological, Everett, WAJonas Sternberg, Manager, Sierra Fish & Pets, Renton, WARebecca Smith, Owner, The Pet Works Inc. Longview, WATim King, Breeder, Personal, Olympia, WAAdam Berger, Owner, Petland Racine, RACINE, WIAmber Krouze, Ms., SimpliFee Realty, Rhinelander, WIBeth Winters, Mrs. Northwoods pets, Rhinelander, WICarol Sorenson, Mrs. Pets, Laona, WIJennifer Marshall, Owner, Northwoods Pets, Rhinelander, WIJim Reiman, Owner member, Tropicwaterspetcenter, Eau Claire, WIJohn Moyles III, Director, J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue, Menasha, WIKevin Kohen, Director, Petco Health and Wellness, Rhinelander, WILaurie Rutkowski, Homeowner, None, Rhinelander, WINick Williams, Demand Analyst, Petco Health and Wellness, San Diego, WIRaelene Wundrow, Mrs., Retired Neenah, WISharon Stecher, Employee, Aquarium Pet Shop and Grooming, Arkdale, WIShawna Schneider, Groomer, Off the grid grooming, Rhinelander, WIStuart Marshall, Co-owner, Northwoods Pets, Rhinelander, WITodd Hanson, Manager, Pet World Warehouse Outlet, Madison, WITracy Monk, Mrs., None, Rhinelander, WIEmily Sanders, Owner, Exotic jungle pet superstore, Morgantown, WVKim Glasscock, 0wner, Kimz Pet Express, PRINCETON, WVAndrew Jenkinson, Owner, Little Snake Den, Gillette, WY

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